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Hello everyone! I’m Pseudo Person. I am an aspiring game developer and program as a hobby. I know Java and Lua very well and know the basic syntax of a number of other languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python. I love to design systems to solve problems and programming is my favorite way to do that!

Availability Information
Time Zone: Pacific Time
Availability: Varies greatly, though I have a few hours on the weekend.

I haven’t done any commissions currently. I have done some cool projects for fun though. I have made a voxel based building system, a bunch of interactive obby pads, a fully programmed datastore system, a shop with three different sections, item saving, Robux purchases, Gamepasses, pets, effects, and a OS mobile compatibility module.

Mobile Button Module

I made a module that functions identically to Roblox’s ContextActionService but with easy, intuitive mobile buttons. The module I made automatically positions the buttons based on priority slots. It also supported a few simple button effects and useful functions.

More On The ContextActionUtility

Cross Platform Compatablity

Computer Example Mobile Example

Automatic Positioning Example

Positioning Example

The entire module is designed to be easy to use and very versatile without any changes. It’s also open source. You can find that here.

Skills Demonstrated:
Image Button API, ContextActionService API, Cross Platform Experience, User Input, and Simple Graphic Design.
Not Made By Me: Nothing



I can make optimized turrets that use a mix of zoning and raycasting to efficently find all objects within there range. Side note: The turret is firing lightning beams at the player, they sometimes fire between the frames of the GIF.

More On Turrets

This turret uses a grid like zone system that can also be used for collectables. The turret in the gif also only attacks enemies that are visible to the turret. It can shot though transparent parts and parts that aren’t in the correct collision group. (This is from before the update that makes that easy, this system uses recursion.)

Skills Demonstrated:
Raycasting, Zoning, Beams, Collision Groups, Recursion, User Input, Remote Events, and Humanoid API.
Not Made By Me: The sky box

Voxel Building System

ezgif.com-gif-maker (1)

This is a building system I was programming for a voxel FPS game. It uses raycasting, collision groups, user inputs, remote events, and a sanity checker.

More On My Voxel Building System

There isn’t much more to say about this. I have gotten a lot better at CFrame math and could optimize this system a ton more.

A Satisfying GIF (at least for me :smile:):

ezgif.com-gif-maker (2)
(it’s not actually voxel, though I can make voxel building systems. This universe was just to design the placement system, and I was planning to make a more optimized voxel version. People often confuse things that aren’t voxel for voxel.)

Skills Demonstrated:
Raycasting, CFrame math, User Input, Particle Effects, and Collision Groups
Not Made By Me: The sky box and the cartoon smoke image.

Queue System

ezgif.com-gif-maker (3)

I am also a proficient builder, but I don’t enjoy building very much. I can program queues, message consoles, zone detection, and TweenService animations.

More On My Queue System

This was going to be a remake of a great card game, Spy Fall. Spy Fall is basically the original Among Us. I made this way before Among Us by the way.

Here are some other things I built and programmed in this game but didn’t show:
ezgif.com-gif-maker (4) ezgif.com-gif-maker (5)

Skills Demonstrated:
TweenService (animations), GUI/UI design, Zoning, Raycasting, Remote Events, and GUI/UI Manipulation.
Not Made By Me: The image on the wheel of the truck.

Fully Functional Shop

ezgif.com-gif-maker (6)

I make fully functional shops for any game. The shop in the GIF a set of data to make a shop that’s completely expandable. Players can purchase pets, effects, temporary effects, level skips, and gear with Robux or in game currency.

More On This Shop

This shop is controled by a local script in PlayerGui and a server script in ServerScriptService. The local script builds the shop from template items and formats everything based on a collection of instances (mostly values and models) in the ReplicatedStorage. All purchases save in a custom list encoding system. Values in the purchases can determine what effect the purchase should have (script, pet, effect, gear), if the purchase should save, and the amount of currency it should cost.

Skills Demonstrated:
TweenService (animations), GUI/UI design, Robux purchases, DataStores, and Remote Events.
Not Made By Me: Section images, effect images, and the trees. (I did make the textures and the images with the cartoony boxes.)

Obby Parts

Item Pad (3) Trip Pad (1) Kill Pad Boost Pad Jump Pad Disappear Pad (2)

I made a ton of obby parts that are interactive and make obbys interesting.

GIFs and Descriptions

Here are just a few of the obby parts. There are a lot more that have to do with gameplay and unlockable shop items.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (8)
Giver Pad - Gives the player any gear item.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (7)
Lava Pad - Kills players and destroys any parts that touch it.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (9)
Speed Pad - Makes players go a specific speed for a set time.

I am currently not taking any long term commitments. I am however doing short jobs that I think are interesting for very cheap (or free). In the future I plan to do games with co-developers who have different skill sets than me.

Contact Me Through:

:video_game: Discord: PseudoPerson#3347

:roblox: Roblox Profile

:roblox_light: Dev Forum Profile (prefered)

Or contact me through the comment section below.

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Pseudo is an amazingly talented scripter. He works extremely fast and gives unbelievably low prices. He completed a sword system (Raycasting, damage indicators, and sound effects just to name a few) and added other amazing perks, such as a sword trail. He is also a kind hearted person who feels passionate about his work. Will absolutely recommend him! Definitely hiring him again. (His comms are currently closed tho -_-)

Awesome guy! I can’t believe no one has heard of him! Most underrated programmer EVER!