Licenser plugin - license your scripts with ease!



Do you release scripts to the public? Have you had issues with warranty or liability or just want to make sure you won’t be blamed upon for any issues?
Fear not, this is the plugin for you!

Easily license your scripts with the most used public licenses (MIT, GNU GPL, Unilicense etc) and keep on programming without having to worry.


You can easily take the plugin from the website here:

Bugs? Suggestions?

Be sure to reply to the thread if you find any bugs or would like to add some suggestions as to what should come next.


This plugin is a Part of the Plutility Suite


What about script moderation?
Will I be moderated for licensing my stuff?


Why would that be the case? Scripts are only flagged for inappropriate content.


They also say personally identifiable content.

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These public licenses do not include personally identifiable content.


So if I use these licenses, will people wont be allowed to copy my script?

I am fairly certain that is not the case. Chances are, if you’re releasing a script to the public then you are allowing people to copy it.

I believe these licenses are a sort’ve way to ensure you don’t get blamed for anything people do with your script.


@MrSprinkleToes hit the nail on the head, the MIT license for example defends you from any blame of damage done.

GNU GPL 3 does disallow the distribution of closed-source versions of your software though, sometimes you may want to use that.

This website can help with choosing the license for you:


Thank you, I have never used licenses before. Your plugin will help me a lot.


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Cool plugin, but the scroll bars don’t work anymore

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Does this mean the same for plugins? :thinking:

I have a few questions for this.

  1. Why would you (or the person who made script with said license) be blamed for an issue? If anything it falls on whoever inserted the public script without reviewing it to see if it had any errors.

  2. Why are licenses even needed? Most of your licenses say something along the lines of “Anyone is allowed to edit, copy, sell, etc this script” and whatnot. Allowing players to purchase your scripts via Roblox’s library already gives them said permission.

  3. What if a player simply removes the license? Since it isn’t undeleteable, anyone could simply remove the license which removes anything this license could’ve been doing for the script.

I like the idea of a licenser, but it’s not needed. If anything at all, it makes your script seem a tiny bit more professional. Good work though, I like the plugin interface.

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Thanks for letting me know, I’ll fix it when I can.


Thank you for the kind words, I’ll go over some of your questions:

With the Script being public, a user could insert this but if it causes any problems they can be able to blame you for any damage done. These licenses guarantee that if your Script were to do anything to their game then you aren’t to blame.

Them being public does not necessarily imply that you are giving the taker permission to do what they’d like with it, these licenses state what you can and cannot do with them.

Indeed that is a problem, but if you’re able to show that you distributed your Scripts with a license then you can take action.

Do take my words with a grain of salt though, I’m not entirely a specialist with licenses.

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heh, I had an idea for this a couple years ago, but never put it into action, glad to see someone else finally had the same idea and executed it near perfectly too!


This seems like a good plugin. However, I would like to ask something, so once I add a license to my script, does that mean that nobody can steal my script?

This does not mean that nobody can steal your script, although, depending on the license you choose, makes it illegal to steal your script(if it does not follow the conditions of the license).



Hey folks, I’ve back come and revamped the plugin as two widgets which’ll warn you if you have a LICENSE or nothing selected. The smooth scrolling has been removed since ScrollingFrames now have native support.

Thanks for using Licenser.

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What if you have a normal game and it’s not open sourced or anything, and maybe someone hacks and gets the script, will the licenses help?