[CLOSED] TheBrainy06 Scripter Portfolio


Hello There! I am TheBrainy06 and I have been a roblox developer since 2018! I started showing interest in coding, when my friend introduced me to Roblox Studio. He would let me in his game and he would let me read through his scripts in order for me to learn. It wasn’t until 2019 that I started scripting advanced stuff and started learning more about the essential Roblox APIs.


Character Customization GUI

Character Customization - Roblox

This is a character customization GUI which can be used to equip different hats, faces, hairs etc on to your character.

Weather Information Game

Weather Information - Roblox
Type in a city name and it will provide you with weather information!

Another Game Scripted By Me

[ALPHA] Holiday Chaos - Roblox

This game is no longer being worked on since this idea has be scrapped. However, you can visit and test out the game. (I am one of the scripter)

A simple daily reward system

Daily Reward System - Roblox

This is a basic daily reward system which gives the player a few coins every 24 hours

A sword system (The sword is currently broken)

Sword System - Roblox

This is a sword system which consists of sword equipping and adding trails to sword

Random things I script can be viewed here

Random Stuff - Roblox
This game consists of random things that I make when I am bored. Feel free to check them out!

A Trail System

Trail System - Roblox

This trail system has trail opening, with chance system. An inventory system with equipping, deleting and dropping trails, which also saves. In order to perform these actions, go to inventory and right click.


Simple FPS system

A simple FPS game (Viewmodel, animations and sounds are free models, the scripts are mine)

FPS Engine V1 + Inspect Anim

Pet Hatching System

Pet System

This includes just the hatching part, not a inventory system

An AI chatbot

AI Chat Bot

Audio Visualizer

Audio Visualizer

Garage System


Bezier Curve Projectile

Community Contributions


Notify+ Module RELEASE!


If you are interested in hiring me, I can work for 3-4 hours on weekdays and for upto 10 hours during weekends and holidays, due to school and homework. This time schedule can be increased later if I am free and don’t have much school work.


For payment, I highly prefer robux for the work I do, however if it is not possible, I am fine with accepting money via PayPal only. The price is completely depending on the number of hours that I work on the game, so you don’t have to overpay me for not doing work. (which will never happen)


If you interested in hiring me for your game, you can private message me on DevForum OR you can send me a friend request on discord, which I prefer. (Please use discord if possible since I do not check DevForum frequently)

Discord: TheBrainy06#3848

PS: If there is an error sending a friend request to me, it means that my portfolio is closed and I am not for hire.

Thanks for taking time to go through my portfolio, if you want me to make something which is not listed in my showcase to prove my skills, please do contact me.

Have a nice day, hope to work with you in the future! :slight_smile:


Your simulator game doesnt seem to work.

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Nice guy, it was nice working along with him. I hope to get the same result from you in the future :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh! When i tested it a few days back it worked. Anyways I will check it.


It’s working on mobile, however the gui didn’t work on my mac.

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Oh! I checked it. It was working perfectly fine on my pc

hey im making a game and i need a camera with a play button their and when you press play you customize your character

Send me friend request on discord, we can discuss there

What is you discord name and number tag?

Or you can add me my discord tag is CamBlockz#0915