Clothing from Games Copyright

Ok before I start off I would just like to say that I am unsure if this is the right category for this

I am thinking about uploading a clothing set. But I am afraid of copyright issues because it is from a different game. I have seen others post clothing from different games and even what I am trying to post But mine is a more detailed version of it… Thank you Photoshop So would I be able to post stuff like that or will i get a warning

Examples (yes I know they are botted clothing) Dang I have too much all-stars in my head rn

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I think you should not take the risk to upload them.

do you have any pictures with the normal version and your custom one?

God I hope people don’t call me a furry for this I havent made it yet thats why I am asking before I start making it

oh no don’t worry don’t take the risk of making, maybe try make something that it’s not botted on the catalog.

maybe since halloween comes around maybe make some clothes about that, just giving some ideas, you don’t need to take them if you don’t want to.

If you got permission from the user, you will not be in trouble.

However, if you did not, then the owner of the original asset can copyright strike you, which will get your asset deleted and mabye even a moderation action taken on you.

If you got copyright striked when the owner of the asset gave you permission, appeal for the moderation action taken on your asset and mabye even you.

I hope this helped!

Also I think the category you chose for this thread is correct!

well there are at least 50 different copied versions of what I am trying to make and they are not taken down from Roblox. Does that count or no

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Well, the 50 copied versions have not been reported so roblox does not know.

Roblox also does not know if its copyrighted.

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To be honest I’d Say Upload it

Hey! You are in the right category so that’s good. I wouldn’t re upload the exact copy of the botted clothing as that adds to the catalog clutter. If you take it upon yourself to develop your own style of the outfit (red shirt with overalls) you should be ok. You can’t copyright an outfit, just make sure it’s free of names/logos/etc that could be copyrighted. Good luck! [edit: rewritten a bit]

I wasn’t going to put it up for sale because I felt like people wont be interested in what I was making Mostly because people don’t care for the genre of what I’m making Plus it makes me feel a little weird seeing other people wearing the same thing I’m wearing I’m not sure why.

It doesn’t have any of that but it has some key details that would make people know what it is. For example there are no logos such as Nike, Under Armour, and all that but there are some noticeable things that will make people know where it came from. Again

so I am not talking about any of those types of things.

Yeah, again as long as it’s clean of copyrighted images, names, etc. you should be fine. You cannot copy right an outfit/look maybe just try to make it look a little different if you’re worried though, but you should be all good.