Clothing making help

Yes this is basically part 2 of Clothing from Games Copyright I do not need anymore help on there

So I have a few questions, how am I supposed to place down my wrappings Or whatever they are called On my shirt/pants so it can be natural? Do I place it all facing normal or what.
Second I am making it R15 so what should I do about thesequestion do I try to make it merged and even until there is no more of the white or do I keep that white dotted line Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure that you leave the full white lines the way they are not merge them together like the dotted white lines

Shirt/Pants template (you can find it in the create tab of Roblox) Shirt Pants


How do I make shirts/pants normal without any of the template showing

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Just go into a program like or GIMP and create new layers that you will put your clothes on, then, when you are done, remove/disable the template layer and save it as an image, then you’re ready for upload!

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Not sure I understand everything you say, but if you’re looking for a temple, you can use mine, it’s pretty much straight forward, I think you can ONLY open it in Paint. NET. (LOOK IN TEMPLET.PDN)


Shirt Fast Templet.pdn (340.2 KB)

Or you could just copy the image if you don’t trust downloading anything in your device. (LOOK IN TEMPLET.PNG)


You can use both of them for shirts AND pants if you want,
I hope that this is helpful.

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is there like a version of that that is on the roblox store right now so I can get like a completed sample of it

I already have Adobe ready but I am asking what should I do with the dotted white lines when making clothing

Im not sure I understand what you mean by that, can you explain?

im asking if there is a version of that picture/template already uploaded on roblox as a shirt or pants so i can get an idea of how it looks like

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yes, there is, here’s one of my creation I made with the templet:

Nice I’m in innovation to but I don’t want to start a war

yeah cuz I was wondering how it would fit in of how I would need to place the wrappings or whatever they are called in a rotated area or not Darn my speech its hard for me to explain stuff :neutral_face:

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