Clothing significantly more compressed and grey lines appearing in games

At some point today clothing textures on avatars became significantly more compressed and grey lines started appearing.

Normal one on the left, new compressed one on the right.

ServalGreyLines.rbxm (20.4 KB)

I’m able to reproduce this 100% of the time on a baseplate, though it’s significantly more noticeable with clothing with more transparent parts.

Every user I know who is encountering this including myself is using Windows 10.


I can confirm this happens. I’d assume the template isn’t properly updated for the bezeled avatar edges.

A way to reproduce would be making a shirt/pants template where everything that should be part of the avatar (as shown by the current template) is one colour, and everything outside of that is another colour (brighter colours are more obvious). Even if you make 100% certain it’s a png with zero bleeding, and upload it as such, you will see that the edges of the player will have the colours from the template bleeding in when it shouldn’t be there (due to what I assume is a combination of incorrectly mapped meshes and poorly compressed images being used)

Edit: An example I have from a while ago. On my template image as part of my watermark a while ago, I put a rainbow border around the body parts (on the background area) and uploaded a few clothes with it. It’s most noticable on this shirt here. Those orange/green/blue lines around the parts are outside of what should be displayed, according to the current shirt template, but still appear on the avatar anyway.

While this isn’t too much of an issue with a grey border (it somewhat blends in to the shadows and lines of the avatar) it still is a big annoyance.


This is why I generally treat the template as “mask” and work in other layers with removing it before exporting. Good practice for future sake, but, Roblox should try to look into this.

It may have something to do with a recent change to how Roblox handles textures, as I’m noticing a worsening problem in that some of my textures now have random holes in them.


I believe it might be because Roblox re-enabled their KTX texture experimentation - it doesn’t, however, appear that they have fixed any of the quality or resolution bugs that were reported last time around :confused:

Really hope they turn it off again so they can actually fix the issue this time :slight_smile:

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this is something I’ve noticed only in the most recent days, I think an obvious Look at it is looking at a photo of your character taken in the past and looking at it now.

Heres a Photo of my character from the RDC in-game Meetupimage

heres what they look like now for the last few days

I’m not too sure what is causing it but I can say it is happening on my end aswell


I can confirm this is happening to me.

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Hello, we have disabled some changes, you should not be seeing this anymore. Would be great if you can verify, thanks!


Clothing and other textures now appear to be rendering as they should, atleast, on my end.

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Sorry for the late Verify But I can say that it is back to normal.

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