Collaborative Notes Plugin (Not a chat!)


Collaborative Notes!

This plugin is designed for you to write notes about your work, and will replicate to everyone in your Team Create in real time. This helps development teams coordinate their work and ideas.

Filter Info:

This plugin is super duper very filtered. In fact, all notes are put through 2 filters:

  1. They are run through :GetNonChatStringForBroadcastAsync(), regardless of your age. This is the strictest of the filters. If it doesn’t work, that is on Roblox’s end, not mine. I have fulfilled exceeded the requirements for text filtering here.

  2. The resulting string is put through my own custom filter, which replaces bad words with silly sounding replacements, inspired by the show The Good Place.

Legal Disclaimer:

This plugin is in no way intended to be used as an actually functional alternative to the broken Team Create chat. Certainly not. It’s a notes plugin, nothing more.
If you misuse the plugin, your warranty for this plugin will be null and void, as per Article 01001110, Clause 01001111 of my plugin’s ToS.
Any misuse of the plugin is the sole responsibility of the user, not me.


The UI is very clean and intuitive, with timestamps and profile images.

You can have multiple Notepad channels as well, to keep things organized.

Notes are saved, and will sync with other users when they join the Team Create so they’ll get any notes you wrote and notepad channels you created while they were gone.

Enjoying my work? I love to create and share with the community, for free.

I make loads of free and open source scripts and modules for you all to use in your projects!
You can find a lot of them listed for you in my portfolio. Enjoy!

If you’d like to help fund my work, check out my Patreon or PayPal!


Thank you! This is an amazing creation! One question, does it save every time you open team create and when you close studio etc.?


It does not. To do that, I’d have to hook Datastores and not everyone has studio access enabled for that.

Edit: It does.


I swear I’ve seen a similar post to this that you previously made :thinking:


Pfft not possible. That was about a chat!


ah of course, i thought this was breaking TOS for a second.

Okay! I’ll just copy it to notes and repost every time! Thank you though!

Noticed a bug!
Absolutely nothing appears.

How could it? It uses the strictest filter imaginable, and there is no in-game text!


even better, will definitely use it in the future.

Are we also allowed to edit stuff and make changes?

Wait, what? I literally just used it with @FirstValentine to make this post…

Whats in the output?

Edit: He forgot to enable Team Create

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Due to the way this replicates notes, you can’t retroactively change something. If you typo, just follow it up with a correction note.

I’ve never seen that before. Cool.
Are you signed in on Studio?

I am logged in. I don’t know what’s wrong. I’ll try to restart studio.

This method currently throws if fromUserId is not online on the current server. We plan to support users who are offline or on a different server in the future.

I use plugin:GetStudioUserId() for that argument. This will return 0 if you’re not logged in, and would cause that error.

ah I got it working, forgot to turn on teamcreate :sweat_smile:

PS: I also love the way it censors haha

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Ha! Glad it works!

Also, see? To all you non-believers: it does filter!

I decoded your text
Article 01001110, Clause 01001111
Do you have any other articles?
Decoded text - NO
Sorry if there was an other discussion going on while I post this.

This is kinda of a joke! :wink: