Collisions broken since ~16:50 BST

Around 10 minutes ago we started receiving hundreds of reports about broken collisions in both our games Bedwars and Islands. Bedwars was updated about an hour ago and Islands hasn’t been updated in a few days.

The bug looks like this:

We have little repro information but thousands of players have just started reporting it and it has tanked our player counts on both games. Players are falling through the ground in both the lobby and matches:


yeah same here, everyone is falling through the floor constantly dying


Happened to one of my games as well. Haven’t updated it in a day or so, and the collisions were working perfectly fine then. Not sure how ROBLOX have managed to break their own engine so badly. It’s perplexing!


Would like to add that it seems to affect new servers as old servers of our game seem fine.


Can confirm this, it only happens in new lobby servers in our game (or matches since they’re always new servers). Seems like an fflag change.


Mhm. Older servers on another game I develop for are fine. Tested a new private server though on the same game, and the collisions are working fine there - but I’m not entirely sure how ROBLOX works when it comes to updating their backend servers. (?)


Can confirm, this happened at least since 12:47PM EST.

Broken even in studio


Confirmed this is affecting all lobby servers of Tower Defense Simulator (


Can confirm this is happening in my game Case Clicker too! (


Can confirm, happening to all my games as well. (🕵️SPY🕵️ CIA Agent Roleplay - Roblox (👮‍♂️POLICE👮‍♂️ Mano County Roleplay - Roblox (☣️NUKE☣️ Quarantine Roleplay - Roblox (👮TRAIN👮 Police Roleplay - Roblox

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Yeah they’ll fix it soon if they see this.
TDS Bedwars Islands and many other games had their collision broken. TDS had to shut dow their game not too long ago.

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This is happening to tower defense simulator too. I just wanted to play a round of hardcore with my friends. :pensive:


Yeah same, it’s a shame, this issue affected a lot of devs and players.

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This issue seems to be resolved now. Fixed in new servers, you won’t need to shutdown servers.


Thank you for filing this bug report, we appreciate it.

We reverted the changes that caused this issue. It should be resolved if a player rejoins the game/restarts their Roblox client.


We definitely did do Q&A on these changes. The mistake was that I released the change in the configuration that wasn’t tested, so it was my mistake for using this configuration.

I just re-enabled this change the correct way on Win and Mac clients.

Could you all verify that you aren’t seeing any issues like this on your end?


I am no longer encountering this issue. I just tested it again, everything seems good on Windows machines.

Appreciate your checking this!

By the way, could you link me the games you saw experiencing issues with this last time?

It different mobile it just makes player fling on parts

Mobile is not affected by this latest setting change.

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