Colorable Surface Appearance

For a dress to impress update

In Dress To Impress, we use Special Meshes for transparency alpha mode (for the hair). But this often causes the texture to clip through itself. (Texture clipping through itself. Help?) This problem slows down our hair creation process and limits our ability to offer diverse hairstyles to players.

The clipping is fixed when using mesh parts and surface appearance with transparency alpha mode, but then we hit another roadblock - the hair can’t be recolored. So, what we’re really hoping for is a way to have recolorable surface appearances to fix this whole mess.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve our development experience because it would enhance our development experience by allowing us to efficiently create a wide range of hairstyles without worrying about clipping problems. By opting for mesh parts over special meshes and incorporating surface appearances with transparency alpha mode, we can resolve the clipping issue while also maintaining the ability to recolor the hair textures. an overcome the clipping issue while also ensuring that the hair textures remain recolorable. This solution would streamline our development process, allowing us to focus more on creating content and enhancing player experiences.

Wasn’t this literally in the last round of release notes? Heck of a time to post a blatant dupe.


Oh OMG!. Is there a way to see when it’s going to be live?!

A engineer noted that there’ll be a DevForum announcement when it goes live, stay on the lookout

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