(COMMS CLOSED) laughingeevees | Builder (low-mid poly)/ 2D artist

Hey there! :wave: My name is laughingeevees and I have been on the ROBLOX platform for about 4 years now, and have been building ever since 2019. I am a self-taught builder and 2D artist and utilize Roblox Studio, Blender, and Krita.

Why you should hire me

Since the beginning of my building career, I’ve focused on channeling my talent and creativity into meaningful and powerful results. I take pride in the work I do, and like to work hard. I cooperate with your team members and am respectful and kind towards everyone in the ROBLOX building environment. I hope to talk to you soon!

Terms and Conditions

ToS :scroll:

I have compiled a set of rules to be used specifically for the commissioner’s and my convenience. This is vital as this is set up for anti-scam measure, and is important to read if you would like to commission me.

Thanks for understanding. :grinning:

  1. I have the right to decline a commission before taking pay.
  2. When using my services, I have set up a program where:

Commissioner explains build/art → I do it separately, and not in a shared game → Pay is given → Build/art is given to the commissioner

  1. When working with a team, 15 - 50% must be payed upfront, to prevent scamming
  2. I do not take percentages of a game revenue, unless backup payment is provided, or if I feel that
    the idea is unique, and state otherwise.
  3. I have the right to leave a commission mid-way, which will not be often I hope.

And that’s about it! I probably will update this list as time goes on, but this is what I have so far.

Thanks for stopping by my portfolio! :grinning:

Attached below are my works, separated into 4 different categories, Builds, Modeling, 2D art, and UI (UI is not available as of right now, but may be in the future if demand is high)


I can build:

:white_check_mark: Cafes
:white_check_mark: Restaurants
:white_check_mark: Outdoor environments ( Urban, Rural, Suburbs, etc.)
:white_check_mark: Almost anything low-poly
:white_check_mark: Hotels
:white_check_mark: Other

I cannot do:

:negative_squared_cross_mark: High Poly environments (may attempt it in the future)
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Scripted parts
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Advanced Modeling

:hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

Below are the builds I have done:

Please note: The trees above were not made by me

The above three were in the same style as Loomian Legacy


I can do:

:white_check_mark: Many low-poly objects
:white_check_mark: Less complicated models
:white_check_mark: Almost anything requested

I cannot do:

:negative_squared_cross_mark: High-Poly modeling
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Overly complicated low-poly models



2D Art

I can do:

:white_check_mark: Profile pictures
:white_check_mark: YouTube Banners
:white_check_mark: Portfolio Banners

I cannot do:

:negative_squared_cross_mark: Anything that is not cartoony, and requires realistic shading
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Overly complicated drawings

:notebook_with_decorative_cover:**Please note: I am still relatively new to 2D art, so there are not many examples.

All banners in this portfolio are made by me as well


:negative_squared_cross_mark: Currently NOT doing UI.

Currently, I am available for about 4 hours every day, though the schedule may vary as school is soon starting for me. I live in the EST timezone, and work from 8 - 12 pm EST.

Currently, my method of payment is :robux:. I do not accept percentages anymore, though I may if there is some sort of backup payment, or if the game idea is appealing and that you have a medium-large player base who will play your game.


Asset: 100 :robux:
2-10 assets: 800 :robux:
Over 10 assets: 1000+ :robux:

Small Build: 500 :robux:
Medium Build: 1000-5000 :robux:
Large Builds: 5000+ :robux:

2D art:

Profile Picture: 500 :robux:
YT/ Twitter Banner: 500-750 :robux:
Icon: 100 :robux:
Thumbnail: 400-700 :robux:

Of course, these prices are just a rough estimate and can be altered depending on the style, exact size of the build, and demand.

You can contact me on discord:


You can also DM me on the DevForum.

Please keep in mind that, when DMing me, you must include the style and size of the build, the amount of robux that you are willing to pay, and the estimated timeframe of the project.

Thanks for reading my portfolio! I hope to see you soon! :smile:


Wow! These builds are astounding!

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Thank you!

(30 charssssssssssssssssssss)

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Could you make a map for a roleplay game? I’d prefer to the map to have some roads that could fit multiple cars that were enjoyable to drive on.

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08/31/2020 - Updated my portfolio with lots of new work, now also doing 2d art! Please remember that UI cannot be commissioned, though it could be in the future. Thanks for checking out my portfolio! :smiley:

Truly a talented and hardworking builder, highly recommend! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the kind review!

I have a sent a friend request. I got a project coming up hope to work with you :slight_smile:

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