Constant server crashes with error code 277 when no internet issues are present

Whenever I try joining my game it crashes with error code 277 when my connection is perfectly fine and I can join other games, the game I’m joining is fairly large but I have streaming enabled to reduce lag, what am I doing wrong?
Note: entire servers crash, not just me and all users get displayed that error

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How long does it take for the server to crash?
Does it crash right after the game loads? or does it take some time to crash.

If possible, check the memory usage on your game, and attempt to narrow down what is causing such high crashes.

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Memory is usually around 2500 and crash times are random.

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Is that client or server?

if its client that is super high, usally games tend to stay around ~500MB, expecially if you are allowing mobile players.

Some reasons is your game could be to large, or you have a memory leak somewhere, causing the server to stop due to it being so large and becoming unstable. I recommended checking your scripts and assets to see if anything could be duplicating, or having variables that are not used but still stored.

However, I have no experienced this and don’t entirely know the solution, this is what I would do to attempt to fix the issue.

edit: Another post about server memory

The server memory limit is 6.25 GB for every ROBLOX game server.

^I have also found this post, which could be useful.

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Just started experiencing this last night and could not for the life of me figure it out. I’m hoping it’s not just me.

Most of my client and server stats are fine, and nothing major has changed in the last few months, so what gives?

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Client memory is around 2500 and server usually spikes to around 7000MB, I really don’t know what to do

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You will have to lower your memory count, your most likely hitting your max memory, causing the game to break.

Some things you can do:

  • optimize your scripts and meshes
  • lower your poly count

Pretty much make your game hella optimized, or lower the quality of your game.

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