Cool game im making

hey yall, feedback on tis game please

this is a fun project ive been working on
left click to fly, right click to dash/shoot
uh it kinda needs two people tho, ill try be on the game
if theres a bug i will explode out of pure agony
keep in mind the game is legit 3 weeks old


This is actually really fun. With a little more polish and bigger maps I could see it being quite popular.


Yeah although the bird is kind of hard to control, maybe a small tutorial would help


my bird glitched and it wouldnt let me pick up the ball, this persisted through the rounds

it was stuck on the flashling outline effect


lol that sometimes happens, ill look into it


i tried tweeking the setting so its easy to control and hard to master, what do you think i could do better?

This game is very creative and I can tell that a lot of effort was put into it, The game mode ideas are creative and I personally would have never thought of a game idea like this which makes it very unique.

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thanks! as much as i would like to take the credit, this game is inspired by this one:Birdsketball by Waynetron
had a blast playing it and wanted to share the game to a wider audience
dw half the maps are original, i plan on adding more original content soon


if yall can’t or don’t wanna play, heres a footage of me doing a sick backflip and a shot

theres cool maps and modifiers to spice up the game a bit


This is really nice. It did take me a good minute to figure out the controls though so I suggest having them readable somewhere in-game. (I didn’t read the controls on the post before playing.)

A bug found: in the dunk only map when the ball gets thrown out from spawn if nobody touches it then it almost always ends up going into a goal. I dont think anyone gets points but it resets the ball still.

lol yeah ill add a tutorial eventually, this is just a fun preview of what the game is going to be

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dunk only map? there isn’t a map named dunk only, dunk only is a game mode lol, maybe i should add a text to show that

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im assuming you mean this map?

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Really quite fun! The controls are cool

You might be able to make the controls even simpler, by removing the left click to fly and instead have the bird fly all the time. I don’t really know if there is a moment where not flying is useful

If you do try to get the game popular, good luck. I have my own game that I can’t get popular, and I have also seen other great games that struggle to get a player base (mainly thinking about significant contact)

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mm, probably not, there will be times where you don’t wanna fly, since you turn faster by not flying, easier to make quick turns, a new player might hold it all the time, but it could be good for more advanced people to do 90+ degree turns quickly

im not really doing this for the “money and fame” its pretty fun, i believe (from my personal experience) games with effort put into them will get recognized
(i legit made this because me and my friends are bored and have nothing to play :skull: )


Yea my bad, the map that you mentioned is the one.

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yeah, it is kinda bad, i might add something to pervent that, got any ideas?


maybe on that map specifically just dont let the ball shoot out. Or alternatively cover these sections by a barrier that only the ball cant go through (maybe make it 100% invisible so it doesnt obstruct gameplay)

Once the ball is grabbed by a player these barriers wont be in effect anymore.

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soo a dunk only barrier? hmm maybe

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yea except completely invisible. Seems like the best option unless u redesign the map.
You could also just make it not move in a random direction.