Flocket League [Devlog] (LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK)

please give feedback and suggestions

whats up my fellow devfourmians, this will be a devlog for the upcoming game flocket league
see the previous post here: Cool game im making - #6 by foxnoobkite
why did I not post in that one? well post was getting long
here are all the updates the game got since the last post
firstly: huge improvement to the physics
the game now has smooth ball physics. before, i used network ownership, but thats only good for the player who has the ownership, now, every player has a client ball, what does that mean? the player now renders the ball and the physics on their screen, which leads to huge improvement for all players.
(sadly i dont have two computers and idk how to run two roblox so i cant show the improvement on video)
secondly: A shop
the game now has a shop, which you can buy daily stickers from, they refresh everyday, so be on the look out for your next favorite sticker! (send me sticker ideas/designs if you want them to be in the game)

now now you can’t buy stickers without some money
thats right, money is in the game! :money_mouth_face:
I am currently workshopping the way players get money, but right now its 10$ per goal (might make it not possible to get money if theres only one player in the game when the game gets an actual playerbase)
the camera can now be switched in 3 modes: FIXED, ZOOMED OUT and ZOOMED IN
the current camera is fixed
zoomed out means the camera now follows the player’s character on the X axis (left and right)
zoomed in means the camera now follows the player on the X and Y axis, while being a bit zoomed in too (good for mobile players)

did i just hear mobile players??
you think I forgot about you guys? I used to be a lowly mobile player myself before getting an actual pc. not like 99% of the roblox playerbase is mobile/tablet players
thats right, the game is now FULLY playable on mobile

yeah thats all, see you next time when I (hopefully) add goal effects or lose my sanity, whichever comes first

This post would be more applicable in #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback

#help-and-feedback:scripting-support is for getting help with script related issues.

wait wth i couldve sworn i put this in creation feedback
why does roblox have to put their colors so similarly

Hey just played two games by my own, looks pretty cool, works very well and i have constant 180 ping so good job on that end, although i didn’t play with anyone else so i don’t know if lag affects the lagged one or benefits it. Im curious how to do match people for instance if there is already a match going on on the server and someone joins, do they join the match or wait for it to finish?

no, you can join the game at any time, it would really suck if a player has to wait for something they can’t control

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Ah that makes sense, kudos on the game keep it up!

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hello everyone
yes im not dead
first of all:
custom keybinds

you can now set a action to a key

the goal effects are in the mystery crate you get a free crate everyday
the prices go up every time you buy it, might change it later, its inspired by rocket league sideswipe’s shop
duck rework
previousily, duck made walls (which is very useless as I came to realise)
ducks now make 4 second bombs, which stuns and pushes you back if you get hit by one

now duck is a very defensive character, good for cornering people and general defense, might switch to a landmine
a tutorial and a intro for camera setting for new players

(sorry for not posting for… 51 days)
report bugs please
k see yall next update (join the server for giveaways of in-game items and updates)


new round end screen

duck now places landmines (explodes when in range)
you can manually explode a landmine by placing a new one, idk kinda useless but intresting
sound effects and explosion particles to landmine

I just realised all my maps are asymmetrical… now I gotta fix it one map at a time :pensive:

wake up new update
-minor UI improvements

hovering over a class while selecting will open a simple pros and cons menu

you can now switch teams

new block on setting, shows your stats

might be adding daily quests next update, or a new class

this took way too long, you can try it rn but the official update is tommorow. (debugging tommorow)

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Here’s a good challenge that would make me play the game absolutely everyday: Add bots.

adding bots would certainly make physics easier since I only have to simulate everything for one client :rofl:
ill think about it, maybe after milestones update since the core gameplay loop isn’t great right now

True true. Well I kinda got decent at low poly modeling over the last few weeks and I’m decent overall as a game designer and can bomb composing music. If you need a little help just lmk.

Ill keep that in mind. solo dev aint easy ill tell you that, im gonna need all the help I can get

I’ve got a good amount of feedback and stuff here which I will post tomorrow morning (for me anyway, so in about 12 hours at most)

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can’t wait, my friends’ feedbacks are mostly consisting of asking for infinite money :pensive:

Okayyyy I forgot so I’m a little late and making this post look quality on mobile is gonna stink.

These are mainly just ideas because I have nobody to play with. (Ik you can do solo though)

First off: To add some character and more life to the game, you should make the birds’ abilities correspond to something they do in real life. For example, if the duck makes landmines, it should do something like make bird poop. Or add feathers when the fat bird charges (I think that’s what it does?) and make like food for that client on a bird it charges on as if it were attacking them for food. (this is just a suggestion and for it to fit you’d probably need to change a lot of the game’s style which is up to you but I’m just putting it out here. I’m not swaying you in any direction to add this)



And now I got some basic bird ideas.
Scavenger: he collects breadcrumbs/pellets across the map (client sided) and he uses them to gain boosts
Dove: summons a totem that boosts stats for the same team birds around it

Ok so like. You should also have some more bird and soccer/basketball/whatever this sport simulates (basketball cuz birdsketball ig) related stickers.

Now anyway that’s all I have adds some cool maps and stuff good luck.

I can try to help you if you want. I understand if you just want to work on it yourself, but if you want my help reach out!

I have played your game and i do find it a very interesting game idea, and i think it would be cool to try to help out