Copy Decal ID on right click

I only ever use Decals by getting their IDs for GUI and Particle work, however to do this I have to insert the decal onto a random part then copy the decal ID in order to get it.

It’d be so much more efficient if I were able to click “Copy Decal ID” after right clicking the decal in the Toolbox and then just paste that ID into a ImageLabel or ParticleEmitter ID property.

Unless there’s already a way to do this?

Currently the “Copy Image Address” option copies this version of the address:


If you’re interested in using your browser to search for decals instead, you can try out my Chrome extension.

Your extension is really slow for some reason. For instance, try it on this:

It gets stuck on checking the assetId before that and never finishes (maybe because it’s a group asset?).

Edit: No, it gets stuck on this user asset too:

As far as I know, that’s a weird Chrome bug I have no idea how to fix. IIRC it is finding the ID correctly; it’s just that the popup doesn’t properly register it. :confused:

I pretty much gave up on fixing it after a few weeks of trying to figure it out.

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I’ve seen @Quenty has been busy with Studio Features at the moment, maybe he can filter this suggestion into the timeline somewhere? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d prefer if you got rid of the popup altogether. Either way, it doesn’t copy the AssetId to my clipboard when I select “Copy imageId from decal”, so I’m not sure it’s an issue with the popup.

Optimally you would tap into whatever InsertService:LoadAsset() uses to return the correct AssetId in one go without checking through multiple assets (ugly behavior)

I’ll see what I can do.

(and sorry for mini-derailing the thread)

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Full support, here’s my thread on this.

Sorry about that, haha.

I’m going to bump this because I would really like to have it added as a feature since it makes it easier to get an id when you want to put it in a texture instead of a decal.

Also as a side note, inserted decals should be an rbxassetid:// link instead of the old format.

As of recently you can paste the decal’s ID directly into any image field and have it automatically convert into the asset ID, so there’s no longer any need to have the asset ID handy.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, also where are you getting the ID from in the first place?

When I upload an image to the site, I can copy the ID from the URL and paste it directly into any image field in Studio and have it automatically convert to the -1 ID.

Ah, I see. That’s very useful and I didn’t know that but what I also want is the ability to easily get the ID from assets in the toolbox without inserting them.

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When did this change occur?

@TheInnovative Roblox Official Changelog

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Just ran into a situation where this would be super useful.

Inserting a decal from the Toolbox just to get its asset id is a tedious process when you have loads of decals you need to work with, and finding the asset id from the site isn’t any more efficient.

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I feel this is a must-have. Of all the occasions I insert a decal, around 10% of that are to actually insert it on the world, while the rest is for gathering an ID for an interface or for a script.


Now roblox has removed the option to see the decal stats before pasting it ingame.
Making this thread more critical than ever.

How to get textureid in current studio:

  1. Click decal
  2. Paste new Part in workspace
  3. Apply Decal to part
  4. Double click the part to select the Decal
  5. Copy Texture value
  6. Delete Part

How it should be:

  1. Right click Decal to copy TextureId
  2. There is no step two.

My only objection to this post is that rightclicking should not yield 4 options as shown above.
It should directly copy the TextureId, all other options are plain stupid. Save image? What?!
Copy image but not Image Adress? Open image?! In what? and Why?!

Right-Click to Copy TextureId, Like if you agree.


Would really love this too (and/or such functionality built into the website).
I nearly always need the asset id just to paste it into some external data script, and having to insert the decal (or paste the id into a decal instance) in Studio all the time to convert it into an image id just to copy it back into a script again is insanely tedious…