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So I recently read on a post on the devforum that everything in the toolbox is free to use and the owner who posted it to the toolbox can’t take down your game excluding things like music/decals. So that got me thinking if an asset from a game is uploaded to the toolbox but not uploaded by the original developer would you get a copyright strike, because I found these assets in the toolbox from the game QS Energy Research Facility and they were not uploaded by @TheWildDeveloper or their development team either

Here are some images:
Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 2.30.05 am Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 2.30.11 am Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 2.30.26 am

(I use “copyright strike because im not sure what roblox calls it”)


Yea, I heard that people like to copyright some games by doing this, I refrain from using the toolbox because of this reason, thanks for making it clear to us, have a good day.


Probably not.

As far as us developers are aware, anything in the toolbox is opensource. If a model was stolen and uploaded to the toolbox, Roblox would probably remove this at the request of the original owner, but if several people took a copy of the model there would be very little Roblox could do.

To get all copies of a model removed from the platform would likely require a lot of communication with Roblox Support, so this would certainly be an accomplishment.


An entire game wouldn’t be taken down for a single asset you weren’t even aware was stolen.


I’m not saying I do use the toolbox or these assets it’s just that I was wondering if they had the power to take down your game

Oh Okay, Thanks for helping me understand better! :slightly_smiling_face:

Alright, That makes a lot more sense now. Thank you

Hello. This is actually a confusing part for some people but I will explain it.

If the original creator OR a persons with full permission to the asset (given by the creator) posts it to the toolbox, and someone takes it and uses it, they can not complain. If a user uses exploits, cheats, or scamming to get these assets, and then releases them publicly, this is classified Theft, and the person who stole the assets and released them publically should be reported.

EDIT: Also, the only person who could file a DMCA (copyright as you said) takedown request would be the original owner, but you can report them by clicking the Report Abuse button in the dropdown on the asset’s page.


Yes, you are entitling yourself into using it. You’d likely know that it’s copyrighted.

I got a warning once because when I was younger, I put a ton of Pokemon models into my game, and I got a warning stating that it’s not allowed. This model is very old, like 2012.

Alright, Thank you both @SpiralRBX, @WooleyWool

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The items in the toolbox are free for everyone to use and users can’t copyright strike you. Literally says here:

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Do you mean the asset or the person who uploaded it?

Alright, Thank you for helping me understand. :slightly_smiling_face:


it remains the uploaders IP when uploaded so while possible it is unlikely to get any problems from this, iirc if the model is public this either does not apply or actions wont be taken

Anyone can report them, but only the original owner can submit a formal DMCA request


Yup, you are able to receive a copyright strike from the original developer. You could also get a DMCA takedown request too. My advice is to play it safe while using the toolbox. Look at who made the content you are using, if they look sketch, don’t use them.

Well popular models like HD Admin, have tons of copies. Since it is free it is not copyright infringement.

Anything that is open source can be copied.

People above are missing the “someone who does not own the IP of the asset is uploading it for free” part of this main post.

It is your responsibility, as a game developer, to ensure the models you source (even free models) are uploaded by the IP owner and/or have a CC0 license attached to it (this is more for third-party asset sites).

Anything less and you open yourself up to the liability of the IP owner sending you a DMCA Takedown request. “I didn’t know it was uploaded by someone else” is not a defense because it’s your responsibility to find that out.

If you don’t know, don’t use it.

It can be if the dev has been a repeat offender. Again, “I didn’t know” isn’t an excuse because it’s our responsibility to know. I’m singling you out because this is an important thing to know, and can lead to issues if you don’t know it :slight_smile:

It is IP infringement if the person making it free doesn’t have permission from the IP owner to do so, which is what the OP is specifically asking. I’m singling you out because this is an important thing to know, and can lead to issues if you don’t know it :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter, it’s just re-publishing someone’s model which is also free. It’s basically making something open-source, open source again.

The OP suggested, in this case, that the initial asset was not freely uploaded. As in, the asset is stolen or does not have permission to be uploaded, and was uploaded anyways.

If the asset was initially uploaded freely by the IP owner, and then someone else uploads it (not sure why anyone would if the original is also free besides taking credit but whatever), then there is no issue. I doubt that’s what the OP is referring to since that’s a fairly straightforward situation, and due to the severity of the worse-case-scenario err on the side of caution that they’re implying what I’m talking about.

Wait, Wait, Wait I hate to tell people this, but please rephrase and correct your grammar but like I said there is no harm in republishing someone’s open source asset/model.