CreatePH's Creations!

[Bato Hot Spring]

[Mater Ecclesiae School]

[Space Station]


[Underwater Tunnel]


[Garden Pavilion]

[Memories - Old Structure]

[Sci-Fi Room]

[Admin Room - Inspired by Among Us]

[High-Gothic Training Facility - The Sovereign Imperium]

[Neoclassical Build]

Commissioned Works

I will add more soon!
Thank you and have a nice day! :]


He is asking for feedback on his build not really trying to place a portfolio here :slightly_smiling_face:

Read the title, you’ll understand.

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These are great, I can’t think of anything to suggest!

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Read what the portfolio contains, he is asking whether his portfolio is good enough i think :slightly_smiling_face:

These are superb! I really love the detail in the last pic

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This is truly amazing! I love the last picture, hope I someday become as good as you when it comes to building. :smile:



I love how detailed your works are especially on the space station! A little more lighting gimmicks would add mood to the monochromatic color scheme.

Also, excellent use of lighting on your hot spring and school. The ambient is very warm which is representative of Philippines’ outdoor setting. Gusto kong lumabas tuloy!

Keep it up! The portfolio reflects your elite building skills.


These look pretty good to include in your portfolio. Remember to post it in the right category once you’ve decided what you’ll be adding to it.

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Looking so neat and realistic, I love it. I hope you do better than this in future!

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Looks really nice, a lot of people will ask for your services for sure. By the way remember to add the prices as well the time of hours you are capable to work when you start making the portfolio.

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great stuff!
really like the PH vibe on the first and second pic

1st pic could use more stuff though other than just trees, small waterfall and water
maybe something on the water

other than that, good job on the pics for your portfolio!
hope you get hired soon!!!

keep building!
manong totoy is waiting for me

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I love love it! I would definitely hire you if I need a builder!

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Thank you so much people! More to come soon! :]

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