Creating REAL Realism (Forest Path)

Hey Developers,

Often times I see myself finding “Realistic” creations. People will excuse these as realistic, however I find them to either be too saturated, too blocky, too roblox-ish, or too anything really. But that changes with this tutorial. Today I will be showing you how to create an incredibly realistic scene.

Lets start off by placing terrain. I will use the Part To Terrain plugin to replace the baseplate with grass terrain.

Perfect. Lets start off by creating terrain. Try to avoid straight basic paths like this:

Try making it look much more randomized, and much less static. Add some curves, indents, ect. My finished result looks like this:

As you will notice, it looks much less static and straight. This looks much more randomized and nature-ish. However, the path lacks something. Use of other materials. In nature, you will rarely find a path with all of it being the exact same color, material, ect. I feel like adding mud to this path, so lets do that.

As we can see, our path looks much more detailed so far. If your crazy (like me), you’ll add even more materials like sandstone to make it even more detailed and randomized.

And there we have it. Our path is complete. Now its time for the outer terrain. Lets place some hills around the path that will make the scene feel less rushed, and flat.

After adding a few hills around the path, you will notice it already is feeling immersive. Now, lets begin adding some trees. I will be adding some redwood trees, along with some beechwood trees to up the variation.

As we can see, the forest is starting to come to life. I’ve decided to add some smaller trees to make the place feel much more vegitated.

It feels kinda flat. So lets put some small hills in areas where they can fit. Like in between trees and such.

There we go! Feels much less flat. However, there isnt much variation. Lets add some boulders/Stumps/Logs around the place.

Amazing! Maybe to spread some vegitation we can add some ferns/bushes.

This place looks very nice at this point. Now, I think its time we add the details. I’m going to add some rocks/sticks to the path to add some depth and more detail.

And now, Im going to begin adding some flowers/clovers to make the grass look more vegitated.

And the detail in our scene goes through the roof with just flowers and clovers! Now its time for lighting. I decided to take away some saturation, boost the contrast, turn up the ambience + add an orange tint to make this place look warm, and a tint of vignette. The end results look pretty nice.


I’m not a map designer on my own, but really enjoyed to see the progress from grass to a forest (evolution :eyes:)

I am impressed how “quick” you end up with a realistic scene, really nice!


This seems like a big jump, perhaps you should tell us how to make some “redwood”/“beechwood” trees?


They are open sourced trees. You can get them on the toolbox by searching “nature pack”.


I have an optimized nature pack. Go ahead and take it!


This makes creating realism-oriented builds seem like a walk in the park. Even as a non-builder, I feel like I could get a somewhat close result, too! Great tutorial - easy to follow, too, even if there isn’t much text (which, honestly, isn’t even needed).


lovely. much realism i say. 10.10

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I am a game designer, and I use this strategy quite a lot of times as for making nature stuff like this one. I highly recommend doing this as it will really help you achieve this kind of level!


Woah! At first I was skeptical but this is really pretty looking, good job on the tutorial!


That’s crazy to see what you can do with Roblox Studio

Your tutorial is really nice! Bookmarking this immediately. Thanks for the useful tips.

Hey! Great tutorial! I made a forest build using your asset pack and would love your feedback if you don’t mind.

Please let me know if there’s anything I should change.

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This is so cool!

When I looked at that last image, I could’ve sworn that my computer was lagging.