Optimized Forest Pack

Hey Developers,

Recently I’ve been hard at work creating a much better version of ROBLOX’s Forest Pack. This forest pack is MUCh more optimized.

Whats good about your forest pack?

Well… First off, I have tested before and afters, and have concluded that the forest pack can allow for a ton more assets without lag than in ROBLOX’s forest assets. I did this using LODS.

Second off, there are a ton of more assets within the pack! All assets are 100% Royalty Free, Meaning you wont get sued or something for using them. They are NOT Quixel assets.

More Varients of other vegitation. Yes, There are other Trees/Vegitation in this pack rather than the ones they gave us. For example, there is a Japanese Tree, Blue Pine Tree, and other varients of the Clovers.

There are also Particles (made by me mostly) Like a fire, water splash, River, and even Volumetric Fog.

In the un-optimized forest pack, not all assets from the Forest Tech Demo are there. But in this pack, I’m pretty sure I got all of it. (Including the clouds!)

Here are some images of the pack…

Remember, you can always ask me to add ANYTHING. And I will most likely add it unless its asking for the entirety of jailbreak, or for assets that I would have to steal to get.


Credits go to @boatbomber for the Wind Script!
Credits to @RBLXImagineer and his team for creating a lot of the assets in the pack.

Go Get the Pack!!


For a close look at the fire…


im only using this one for the fire lol


Not for the fact that it reduces lag by like 70 percent? O_O


you didnt say that first time also i thought i would just use boblox nature pack

Your forest pack is absolutely AMAZING, especially with a custom Lighting/Atmosphere!

However, I see that you added wind scripts and I’m not sure how to use them. (I’m guessing they are supposed to animate the leaves?) Where should I put the scripts for them to work?



Did you make the particles n stuff?
also half of this stuff here doesn’t look like it would go in a forest lol

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Of Course! Everything in there was either made by me or roblox.

What about the mountain thingies?

They were made by ROBLOX. Again, EVERYTHING in there is made by either me or roblox, Haha.

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Can you explain how to evaluate a tree’s optimization? Like if I find a random tree in the library, how would I evaluate how good/badly optimized it is? (How have you done it here?)

Also, what changes did you make to the Roblox tree’s to improve their performance?

I am interested to learn how to do this.


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Hey Sir_Highness,

To answer your tree evauluation question, you can optomize a tree by turning all the same color parts into single meshes to reduce the amount of baseparts within the model! This will help improvise performance. (I didnt need to do it in this pack, since they already used meshes) and then, I turn on LODS on all of the meshes in the tree model. (Trunk, Leaves, Ect) By going to… RenderFidelity > Performance. And then I can enabled LODS on the model its grouped to. Which also helps performance. Also, in the normal forest pack, if you removed the surface appearance texture from the leaves mesh it appeared a gray color. This is because the color of the mesh is gray. If you use Streaming Enabled, then in the distance you will see gray blobs. So I colored all the meshes to look their propper color.

Kind Regards,



Oh my GAWSH I forgot to credit the original owner of the Wind! @boatbomber is the owner. I will update the original post soon.

The Scripts go in StarterPlayer > StarterPlayerScripts :+1:

Kind Regards,



Really, really nice pack. Please keep up the work, this is legendary.

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How does your pack compare to the recently released Synty Nature Pack?

This pack which is based mostly on the roblox endorsed Forest Pack is a realistic style with pbr surfaceappearance.

The synty pack is mainly of a low poly / ‘plastic look’ style.

(I’m assuming you didn’t use studio) What software did you use to create this?

Wow very cool! It’s sad that I’m making a blocky game and not a realistic one, but it’s still very awesome!

I did not create most of the assets. The roblox team did. I created the campfire, Water particles, and the water flow beam. I would assume roblox used blender to create the assets.

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