Creations Page Public Beta 🤭

Why do some images appear like this?


Ohh wow now my eyes dont have to burn out every time i need to update a game!

Yeah i know. My eyes have been destroyed to many times. Its like a flashbang.

Also i think this took a little to long. (If this isnt out of beta the next month my eyes will properly burn out. But is that a bad thing? :wink:).

I think its a nice addition to roblox since all other thins all ready is in dark mode…


it’s an issue with the CDN, been happening for months.


Woah, I like the new design. I pogged when i first opened the page.

Amazing work!


Totally agree. I have around 600 places and sometimes have to scroll and seek for minutes in order to reach some old-but-gold projects.


Wow! This looks insane! I am super excited to use the new system.

As others have said, for this layout a search bar is absolutely required. I have hundreds of games from being on the platform for over 10 years, so this current sorting method just doesn’t work for me.

Other than that I love the direction this is headed! Can’t wait to see the rest of the functionality hit this page.


2020-2021 is hype for the site!
Will there be a way to set a specific group as the first page to pop up, rather than profile games?


This is good however for people with bad resolution it can get tedious.

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What is CDN? Any fix for this bug?

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They seem to only be corrupted only in the new create page, not the old one. Maybe this update worsened it?


New (decal):

New (image):

CDN is Content Delivery Network. He means there’s an issue with the service Roblox is using to store its asset previews, I guess? You can just switch to the image tab for a quick fix, though.


I completely agree with you, I find the grid view annoying even though I only have a limited number of places. It’s just harder to look at and distinguish between different places!

A compacted/modernized list view would be highly preferable, and a search bar would be great too! I could probably sketch up a concept here in a few minutes.


please make it so i can pin my game so it shows on the top because i have almost 300 different places and to get to my successful game i have to scroll down for a minute


I was talking about how excited I am for this to release like 2 hours ago. I absolutely love the new page and I can’t wait to see what else will be updated in the future!


Incredible work. I cannot get over how fast this dashboard loads compared to the old “Develop” page.

I’d also like to second a bunch of things that have already been requested on this thread (as well as request some things of my own):

  • A search bar would be excellent
  • More sorting options (last updated, name, etc.)
  • There should be some way to immediately go to the “configure” page of an asset instead of going to its information page first
  • Some way to instantly archive an asset from the dashboard would be nice
  • There should be an edit button over the names of assets for quick-changing of names
  • Continuous scrolling would be nice instead of having everything in pages
  • Optional list view instead of grid view
  • Button to quick-open places in studio is a must

I’m sure most, if not all, of these are going to happen before this beta is over, but I figured it’d be best to voice my opinions on what it is missing anyway.


Not a flex, but looks kida similar to a concept of the front page I made some months ago


I really like the round corners and the gradient. A much needed redesign.

And wait, did I read MOBILE SUPPORT? THANK YOU!


Woah! It looks more cleaner!

Now i don’t need to keep finding the animations from my group having alot of loading parts

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Love it!!! But is it possible to upload throught it already? Or is that not ready yet?


I really like the page so much it I like the design and other things about it. Keep it up :slight_smile:

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In the case of asset thumbnails, would it not be a better idea to direct the API to request a larger icon size? The icons in the new UI do not scale up well (e.g. 1080p 125% scaling, which is becoming more common) presumably because they are the lowest quality 150x150 versions. Upping the configuration to request a 256x256 or even a 512x512 icon would be a massive help in terms of increasing the visual quality. This is not specific to game icons but all asset icons on the new Creations Page.

One of the other things I’d like to add is that it all feels a bit big compared to the regular ROBLOX website layout, and it would be nice to see it reduced somewhat to be in-line with it (I don’t mean the outgoing 2011/12 layouts, I mean the current ones).

Finally, it would be nice to see the upload tool added back to the new page as it currently appears to be missing.

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