Creations Page Public Beta 🤭

And something else I’ve noticed with Place Numbers, they don’t show up!

image image

You can’t distinguish un-named places from each other.


I’m not much fan of the dropdown animation because it makes the website feel slower than it should and I’m not a fan of the black-transparent gradient on the top as it just doesn’t look as appealing to me as a full-color header would.


Other than these notations, I really like how this is coming along, good job!


You are definitely on the right track!
Everything is so organized its really nice and its truly amazing.


This is truly amazing, thank you guys for all the hard work you guys do!
I cant wait to see this in its completed form!

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One thing I immediately noticed that is missing is a Places tab, for the individual places under the game.

It would be a massive pain if I had to open a starting place and then use the studio game explorer to open the individual place within the game that I want to edit.


A beautiful creation !

This is making the way of orientation easier in the Create category ! And with the new Educational Hub, DevForum, Download Studio and Developer Hub, This will make the Development easier

Plus the UI Design is beautiful and modern !

Congratulations Roblox Designers !!


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Ah yes, my eyes are now nice. :heart:

Yeah i have also noticed that…

I knew it they was missing something

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me too! also cant wait! this is gonna be really useful for developers plus makes it easier.



It now brings a Resources Tab? This is good for starters!

With the Education Hub and the developer Hub, Starters can go there easily!

That reminds me of 1-Click way


This is a really good update, makes organisation a lot more easier, a cool feature for you to add is the ability for us to make our own folders within this and group each project specified to the folder to make organisation even more easier.


Brilliant improvements and love the facelift to bring the developement webfront up to standard with the rest of the site; although, there are a few issues I have with it.

We’re still limited to a page-system, which I’d prefer (for user experience reasons) to be an infinite scroller rather than a page system - this is just personal preference but it makes going through your games less tedious.

Speaking of infinite-scrolling, a search bar would also be helpful for this page. Allowing us to search for specific items would make the workflow a lot better (even though most of this would be done in Studio itself, it would be nice for platforms like mobile).

Another User-Interface thing is that when tabs are selected the only indicator to display that they are selected is the increase in brightness in the text itself - it would be more reasonable to have the entire tab just increase its value so that it stands out far more (light mode would decrease but that’s up to judgement).

Glad that you guys are taking the approach that Youtube took with moving everything under one umbrella and doing all the changes on the same domain - looking forward to the improvements that’ll be based off this facelift!


I’m all for redesigning the way you navigate the current creations page, especially if it means speeding up the process.
I just don’t appreciate removing functionality.
List of things I’d like to see changed:

  1. Smaller icons, so you can fit more. Current redesign has half of the items per-page as the previous design. Very annoying for someone like myself who has to sort through hundreds of images/models on a daily basis.

  2. Dates Current redesign has dates completely removed from the list for seemingly no reason, this is another extremely helpful thing to see at a glance.

  3. Infinite scrolling If you’re trying to make it better, why not let people load items by continuously scrolling, this functionality would be nice.

  4. Better scaling Currently scales terribly even at 1080p in fullscreen, the sidebar is the right size, but your username is too small. And then your preview icons are absolutely massive. Changing the zoom in your browser makes it noticeably better, with the exception of the sidebar now being too small, and there being a LOT of wasted space on the bottom. How did someone come up with this? lol

  5. Delete decals forever and ever Why do we use these again? They preview poorly, all of us would rather they just show the image anyway, as it doesn’t have weird alpha masking problems. And we use image IDs in-game, not decals.


Really really love it <3

Important to note though that if I flick between categories too fast, I get rate limited right away and get the message “Unable to load Decals” or similar.

Also it’s really hard to use the pagination controls at the bottom because the height of the page changes after the initial render and moves the controls all over the place so I end up clicking on a tile instead of the Next arrow when I’m trying to go quickly (Chrome).


I’m loving this update!

Will there be a way to create games on it though or will we only be able to do that on studio now?

Cool feature.

I think the most useful way to sort my games would be by recent traffic rather than create date of the assetid. I have 100s of “games” but only ~10 real games. I want these to show up first because paging is very painful on both the current create page and also this one (why are there no nav links to jump to page X?). At least load 100 items at a time so I can do CTRL + F in my browser.

Also the layout is wonky at 4k with the pagination control showing up 1/3rd down the page. (I have ~100 places but this is what I get)

Also a search bar would be awesome. Any dev with even a single game probably has 1000s of images/other assets on their account.

In general I think this page should target “power users” as the intended audience. The current design doesn’t seem to address the main problem of sorting through and finding a specific asset in a collection of 1000s of assets. Your competition is the Windows filesystem. Since this page is aware of the Robloxy nature of the underlying assets, and even knows which games load which assets, we should be able to beat the Windows filesystem in terms of user experience.

Also, at a high level, as a game developer, I’d prefer to do this kind of asset management in Studio instead of on the website, because I really do want to see all the assets a particular game that I’m working on right now has dependencies on. Probably a bigger discussion. Just because the legacy page handles all assets in the same way on the website doesn’t mean that’s how it should work in the future. Shirt creators, UGC creators, and game developers have different needs from this page. I don’t understand why they are all jumbled up together. For instance, if I were a UGC creator, I would really want sales analytics/sorting/sales management on this page.

My 2c


I think this is an excellent update. Finding audios is going to be much faster now and the site looks nice and modern. The old page had to load whenever I switched from places to audio or decals. Now it does not appear to load. Excellent job.

Will the Create button redirect to the new creations page once it is out of beta?


This update will be so helpful, instead of having to have a hunt for all my assets I can just go to this link! Good job Roblox.

Why my models has images inside of my Images tab?


got bored so i decided to make some fe2 maps

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