Creations Page Public Beta 🤭

I do like the the creation page and the dark theme
I would recommend adding the places tab like the develop page



Now we’ll have a more professional looking page with better features and accessibility, great move Roblox!


Look at this quote below. They are replacing it.

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That just said it will replace that page, but doesn’t answer if the button will redirect to there. But thanks

this is new page is better than the other one

They actually mean that the button will automaticly place you to the new page instead of the old one.

(unless they add another button inside the old develop page that redirects you to there.)

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I think that the create page will redirect you to this new one

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That is what redirect means. It will take you to the new page.

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I really love this new page! It’s pretty slick and I would say it’s easier to use than the current creations page and is much more organized. My only pet peeve is how on the sidebar it suddenly cuts from the gradient to the solid color.


To add, It’s strange how the “Sort by” list is only on the games page. I would like to have the “Sort by” feature on other tabs as well.

Games page:

Development items page:

This also goes for the Avatar Items page.


I noticed that when going to just you can’t navigate the beta page you have to type in

Also i would like to see a light theme go into place that would be nice


@BitwiseAndrea Is everyone able to see my creations? I mean, if somebody that i don’t know can see what i made (because i want to make this private, i want to use another ways to show my creations off, such as windows that shows models, images, videos, etc.)

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I love this! It’s so cool! I think there are a few things that could make it even better:

  • The ability to FAVORITE games with a star, making these display at the very top of the screen. Perfect for quickly accessing a game instead of scrolling
  • The ability to right click games and then have the option to edit them. Don’t know if this is planned, but more options like that would be perfect for quick access.
  • A bigger, less likely suggestion, but useful none the less. If we had the ability to create folders of games, that would be amazing! Like put all our showcase games in one folder to easily access them all.

Overall, you are 100% on the right track! I am so excited to see how this progresses and so happy this useful tool is being worked on!


This is generally going to be a life saver for most developers AND its a beautiful new design.

I’ve been waiting for this page since I heard about it in RDC! Super excited to finally try it out.

There’s some much needed updates I think it needs though:

  • Creations Tab for "Places"
    I’m not sure how this one is missing, but it’s pretty essential for game creation on Roblox. Some games have multiple places and we should be able to see them all in this new creations page. The new creation page should have the same features as the old develop page + more, like visits and those configure buttons.

  • More Sorts:
    – Sort by Recently Updated (I only care about the games I’m currently updating)
    – Sort by Place Visits (for places)
    – Sort by Place Visits in the last 7 days (for places)

  • Light Theme
    -As much as people like to trash on Light theme, I think a light theme option should be here. I only use light theme as dark theme for too long hurts my eyes after awhile. I’m sure light theme is coming, but this is definitely an important accessibility feature.

  • A link back to the normal Roblox website
    – Simply put, clicking on the Roblox logo should be consistent with the rest of the Roblox website, where it brings you to your homepage. As far as I could tell, I couldn’t find any button to actually go back to the normal Roblox website, which would be nice as I’d rather not retype in my URL bar each time.

Overall though, I can’t wait until this page becomes the main page! I really hope you guys take everyone’s feedback into account, and make it the best it can be! :happy3:


No. The API (unlike the search, library, etc) does not allow to access items of a group that they don’t access, and other users.

I have a mini tutorial on how you can make the create page re-direct to the new one now!

  1. have Roblox+
  2. change link 1 into the new page!

    you’re done! :partying_face:

Anyway, I love the new UI!
It’s so great that you put resources on the new page, too!

I have one problem, though.

Please add a way to the library.


I like the design and all, but for me, I’d rather have speed over quality and looks.

The new panel takes me 7 seconds to load, while the old only takes me 3 seconds. Honestly, for something like this, that I only visit to get something done quickly, it can look like its from 1990. I don’t spend time here browsing for something to play, I simply want to change a setting, or upload a file, and be done with it.

As long as I can still access the old panel, I’ll be happy. 3 seconds already felt sluggish for me, but this 7 seconds will make me get annoyed quick.

Other than speed, it looks and feels pretty amazing. If you guys could implement the Roblox API into this page as well, with the same theme, that would be amazing

That’s just my thoughts and opinions on it.

But i don’t want to let people see my models and assets, also i don’t want to let unknown people to take my assets and models (of course)

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why can’t I use light theme on this new page :sob:

but no actually, is light theme compatibility planned for the future?