Creations Page Public Beta 🤭

The dashboard was built on Dark Theme, from what I know light theme isn’t implemented in any part of it (yet).

-Blinks eyes again-
Is- is this real?

Jokes aside, is these a chance that we could have more game sorts like most popular games, most favorited, most visited, etc?

Can we expect Roblox to move away from an “Owner-Oriented” style of Creation Management towards a “Group-Oriented” style of game management? It feels like the Group system is starting to become very outdated in the face of these modern, creator-oriented updates, especially when collaboration is becoming more and more of a commonplace practice amongst even the newest of roblox developers.


While visiting the site using Firefox dark, the icon for the site is far too dark to see.
Maybe try a different color/shade?



This is honestly amazing that you’ve put work into it! It just looks so modern! You’ve even put work into a right click menu which is a great change! This is the way to go! I would love to know when you’ll be able to modify items with it :smiley:

Hmmm… how about improving workflow for uploading assets? As of now it’s very tedious!

But, thanks for this update, everything loads exponentially faster! Usually it takes 9 seconds to fully load, now it only takes up to 3! Everything also looks much better, my eyes can have a break on not being on dark mode ahh.

Yeah, that needs a massive update but I think a subscription service to some games/gamepasses will come with that.

This is an amazing update! The develop page has needed a revamp for a while now so this is really awesome :smiley:

FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLLLYYYYYY!!! Thanks so much, I’ve been dying for a new creation page in so long. The old one was very outdated and took long to load, but this is just… wow. I’m lost for words.


Can the sidebar and selection lists be uncoupled from the scroll.

I dont really want to have to scroll all the way back up to change what I’m looking at.

Also are Roblox finally phasing out decals and replacing them with images? image


I wouldn’t want to see this replace the current Creations tab until one absolutely necessary feature gets added. The ability to see my Places as well, rather than only my Games.

Currently there is no way to see what places are in a game besides opening the start place in Studio, which can take a very long time for larger games and is not possible on mobile. The last existing way to check this from the web is from the Develop page. Please don’t take this away without providing any alternatives.


Threw together a mock up for what I’d like the UI to look like!

It’s not perfect by any means, and I’ve not added in a settings button etc, just a general idea of what I think it should look like. I understand that the UI layout itself is flawed, this I just feel is in a step in the right direction.


I think this is an amazing idea, but I believe when you click “Create” on one of the 4 tabs on top of the ROBLOX page, it should take you to this rather then the current page.

That looks nice, a good mockup for this to be honest.

I don’t see the point for this, it only leads you back to the main website for all of the features showing. You should add a multi-select feature that way developers can archive unwanted items. Until then, You won’t see me using this.

Yeah I think that’s needed but I’d also want the scroll to not use the default scrollbar, it could use the scroll that’s used in groups (example below).


This looks great so far!! I hope a search function is added in the future :smiley:

This looks awesome, infact I believe too awesome that I don’t know what to say about it! Thank you for revamping the Create/Develop Page, as it deserves an update such as this. Thank you Roblox!

This is very, very cool. It’s such an upgrade compared to the current develop page.
I just have one suggestion, though. Maybe make it so you can listen to audio assets within the creator dashboard?


This is amazing. :slight_smile: I’m very excited to use this in the future. Did I say the User Interface looks amazing?