Creations Page Public Beta 🤭

Search bar maybe?


Man, really is the end of an era isn’t it?

It’s going to be weird using this new page when it fully releases, however I do like how easy it is on the eyes since it supports dark mode.

I did like having a view of the place without a thumbnail, instead having a view of where the camera was last at, will that be put in at all or no?

Also, I did notice the first load took a significant ammount of time to load the webpage on my internet connection verses loading the current page, is this just a fluke and if not will there be any improvements for this? I have 50/50 Magabit (Mbps) currently.

  • Faster load times with current page
  • Faster load times with beta page
  • Load times seemed to be the same

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A few more questions to before I rap this up.
What will happen to the Developer Exchange Page, will there be a section on the new creation page?
What about the library page, will there be a section for this as well?

Over all very cool to see this new page. It truley saddens me that the creation page we’ve had forever is going to be going away. Really is the end of an era. However, despite that, I love this new page. Keep up the great work.

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This looks good, but its absolutely useless to me if i cant access my places instead of my games.


Oh my god thank you!
This is a wonderful update, now I can see a portfolio of my creations and have easy access to developer hub, devforums, and developer-edu!

Thanks Roblox!
I sure will be using this!

I would like a search bar, a quick access to Developer Exchange (DevEx) page. Other than that, love it!

I guess all of our dreams came true. My eyes shall finally not burn anymore.

It still kinda feels pretty long having to go into the menu, click on groups, then click which group you want, close the menu, and do whatever. But that’s just me. (And then you try it out after typing this and it’s ez pz)

Mobile long press doesn’t work.

Also one thing I would like, is to be able to open one of your places (starting place or any other place) from the website or the studio menu that way we don’t need to open the starting place to get there. If that’s already a thing then I wasted my time typing this on mobile.

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Perhaps a solution would be a custom right-click menu for the icons that has the functionality of the old gear drop down? At the moment the right-click menu only allows you to copy the game/place ids. That would be intuitive and not interfere with the current design. Although it wouldn’t work on mobile, I doubt many power users have Roblox Studio installed on their phones.

This dropdown specifically could be added to the right-click menu:


looks nice, but archiving/deleting pages when

(for real though, i hope something like this becomes an actual feature in new creations page rather than having the develop page get cluttered with unused/defunct places like it is atm.)

It’s wrong calling some features unused as you’ll get the whole Roblox community angry and Roblox will do a YouTube (basically removing poll cards/community contributions on captions). What one user might need might not be essential to another user.

Yes this is so much better! The grid layout is efficient, the design isn’t as boring and flat 100% the right track.

Would love the ability to see game analytics on this page, with the ability to “pin” certain games to the menu on the left. I also feel like this would be a much better place to move group payouts to instead of having it on a settings page

Very small detail pls make this go all the way up



This looks way better than the current developer page. Can’t wait for more stuff to be added to it!

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This looks Amazing!
The new redesign makes development a lot easier, I really like it!

I am looking forward to these cool improvements!
Anyways, thanks to all the people who have worked on this, Great job :+1:


Ooh, a new creator page! A huge improvement over the previous page! VERY pleased with being able to view our own image assets, that’s something I’ve been wanting for years. Do have some feedback on the page since there are a few things I’d like.

  • Since we’re expanding what assets of ours that we can view, could we be able to see our SolidModel assets (unions)? It is technically possible, but the method to do so is extremely cumbersome. Even if the only thing offered right now was an easy method to grab the IDs, with thumbnails and inserting the unions in Studio coming later on, it’d still be a great step towards making unions an easy to access option for developers who don’t have the knowledge to create 3D models in dedicated software like Blender.

  • For the Avatar Items section of our creations, the Hats should be included with the other accessories, rather than being a separate tab on its own. Hats are a type of accessory, and it feels out of place to have them be separated like that.

  • Sorting our assets. It’s there for games, but not for any of our other stuff? Will the option to sort through my years of assets be available, and will there be more sorts in the near future?

  • Lastly, on a trickier topic, we’ve got the ability to view assets we uploaded to our own account, and assets we’ve uploaded to groups we’re currently in. Could we get access to view assets we uploaded to groups we no longer have access to? They’re still assets we created. It’d be nice if we could see them, though it’d be understandable if this is the sort of thing which would take some time to implement, since it’s more of an edge case.


so much better than the old and unintuitive mess we had before!


This truely looks amazing and i hope the whole website get to use the same style !


I’ve had these issues both on the new and old. I’m guessing its an upload corruption issue?

looks awesome! this could be useful in some ways if you think about it

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Finally dark mode across this part of the site finally been waiting for this!!!

now i hope whole Roblox site in dark mode no more white blinded page…

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Amazing! Thank you so much! The new UI, layout, everything is perfect!


The Spanish-speaking community would greatly appreciate if you could add the Spanish language in the “Education Hub” section.


It’s looking awesome so far! Good work :slight_smile:

One thing though, will we have an option to see games “shared with me” like we do on Studio?