Creations Page Public Beta 🤭

No way, that’s the best update change ever! Now, this page is supporting dark themes as well. It looks amazing. If this gonna replace the old creation tab in the official Roblox, I will be happy to use it. This is probably one of the best updates ever!!! :+1:


This…update…is…AWESOME! The new sleek UI has been nicely redesigned and overall executed well and it’s organized very nicely.

Everything here is looking nicely executed and nicely organized to help developers on the Roblox platform crucially (people like UGC creators, clothing designers, and more, including myself, as I can see all the decals/images I’ve inserted even nicer than before).

Nicely executed Roblox! :clap:

Hope to see some more great updates come soon! (Maybe something on UI… :eyes:) :slight_smile:

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Finally! Thanks so much to the team!
Looks like Dark mode is here :sunglasses: as well as mobile support.


The design philosophy behind this entire page is really wonderful. Everything is extremely intuitive, seems to be faster than the old page (though that could be placebo), also looks great too. Awesome work!

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3 word summary: I love it! The old developer page was outdated and it needed a revamp.

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Very unusual how they have languages like Korean before a much more common language that is Spanish. Maybe this is simply due to lack of availability of Spanish translators? Or maybe those other languages were translated by people in the community?


Awesome! I really like the UI style of this.

A bug I found: the images on the Decals page are messed up, but they look fine on the Images page.

One complaint: I don’t like this gradient. I think changing it to a solid color, like on the mobile version, would be better


I love the new UI. It is so organized and neat. Also the fact that its in a different web page.

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That, my dear friend, is a brilliant concept art.

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That’s really epic I like it, I don’t what the old one looked like but I like this!

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Finally, this is amazing. Next step: Allowing us to full-on delete games and other assets (Not sure which ones can or can’t be deleted, if any.) It’s just kind of weird not to allow deleting. Marking games inactive does the job on the public end, but it clutters up the create page on our end and it’s a bit annoying.

Also, I’m assuming a future update to the page will allow you to make a game public without clicking on it, then configuring it from the game page, which is the old configure page. I’m guessing a revamped config page will come with this update later since it’s a vital part of the create page, and because the current one doesn’t have dark mode, haha.

This is so exciting! I’m finally able to use the develop tab on mobile!

It would be so awesome if the rest of the website got a revamp like this, but that’s very unlikely.

This should really attract players to become devs. Great job! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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I’m against this completely. Only 2 sorts which hardly help, especially with (as AbstractAlex stated) power users that have over 100 places (me), looks terrible.

  • Isn’t there meant to be a Games category and a Place category, or am I missing something?
  • I believe it takes longer to make a game Private/Public, and you cannot sort them by Public?
  • I can’t edit directly from Creation page?
  • Every (of my over 100 games) game has the autogenerated Roblox image that only servers to confuse me, I promise maybe 10 games have smooth terrain, not every single one
  • 7 Development page topics to pick from while the original has 15? Do we actually need to go to the game page to add gamepasses and open studio?
  • I don’t see a way back to the Roblox homepage without opening some asset?
  • The cutoff on names is far too quick, I’ll never see a full group name or my username on this page:

Honestly, I never want to see an autogenerated image outside of the game page, that is not what my game looks like. There is no point giving an unrelated image of our place, no information is given at a glance. I’d prefer a list of text than nothing-images.

Only positive is the larger text, dark mode, and possible mobile support, in my opinion. (They talk about holding on mobile to get an ID, I believe you currently cannot open the ‘develop’ page on mobile)


I would like to see an area on the creator site to upload assets.

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I absolutely love this new design. Other than it not having a search bar, I am very excited to use it as it’s a lot easier on my eyes with it having the black theme support.

Wow this looks beautiful, I am loving everything I am seeing right here. It looks and feels more modern. Does this also imply that you guys are also going to be upgrading the Catolog and other pages/tabs on the website?

This new design is looking Good! I’m actually glad you guys are coming out with a new Creations page design cause the old Creation Page page needed a new design. I can’t wait to use this new Creation page completely when it officially releases.


This is great but, I have a suggestion, and I found a bug.

My suggestion is that I think that the sidebar on the left should move with the page.

There is a bug that when I click on the left and when I scroll down, it covers the word “Creator”.
The image below showcases the bug.

Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 9.57.04 PM

Will this be fixed once the Creator Dashboard fully releases?

A little suggestion I have would be a “open link in new tab” functionality when right clicking on an asset. That way I wouldn’t need to copy the url and paste it in a new tab.