Creator AMA (Economy) - with Antoni and Enrico [May 22, 2024]

Hey Creators,

Antoni (@Tone) & Enrico (@rester951) here! We are excited to kick off our Creator AMA where we discuss all things Economy!

From 10 AM PT to 12 PM PT today, we will be available to answer any questions related to economy, such as experience monetization, selling 3D items, advertising, and more! Please comment below if you have a question.

For us to answer as many questions as possible, we ask you to please keep to one question per comment and try to keep the questions brief where possible.

Please note that we will only be answering questions related to this topic. That said, we encourage you to search Creator Docs, DevForum, or the Creator Roadmap for potential answers to your questions. Roblox will also host future AMAs with different topics so we hope you participate!

Talk soon!
Antoni & Enrico

  1. Is Roblox officially allowing creators to use popular Roblox IP’s like Dominus, Valk, etc. There are many of these items on the catalog now which are not moderated but there has never been any official word from Roblox on the policy, if any.

  2. Is Roblox okay with users acting as vigilante moderators, using the European illegal content reporting form to take down popular items? Large UGC creators have been affected like this, such as Reverse_Polarity and Blizzei, the latter who was actually terminated (unterminated now) over this abuse.

  3. How does Roblox feel about being fully on the hook for the multiple billions worth of robux paid out as refunds from abuse of the same euro form? Not only is this a robux dupe, the vast majority of the robux earned from the deleted items has been cashed out long ago.

  4. What steps are being taken, if any, to compensate creators that have had their items falsely deleted through abuse of the European DSA form? When an item is deleted, it loses algorithm relevance, and when an item is deleted for more than a week, refunds are processed. It is exceedingly rare for the UGC support team to restore items in under 1 week, so more often than not, refunds will be processed and the creator can lose thousands of dollars.

  5. Why is the support team incapable of restoring revoked UGC permissions and what steps are being taken to remedy this, if any? User Wingardxxm needed to create a devforum post asking for help because support did nothing to help, and did not involve higher up management. User Muffinzs the YouTuber had to go through the star program to get their perms back.

  6. What steps are being taken, if any, to mitigate abuse of the DMCA system? Currently, there are no Roblox-sided consequences for a creator falsely striking another creator, and the falsely striked creator can have their entire business halted for several weeks. As recent as a few days ago, a massive oversight in the DMCA system was exploited to have hundreds of items taken down, and many creators terminated (I personally had over 60 items deleted due to this abuse).

  7. Why does Roblox restrict the size of UGC items so much but regularly make available to users items that are absurdly large uploaded by Roblox? There is huge demand for larger items as seen by the (now patched) hat bounds bypass, and Roblox only stands to gain from increasing the bounds limitation. If categorization is an issue, simply creating a subcategory (hat & hat: oversized) solves this issue and can be toggled off by a developer if necessary, similarly to layered clothing. The restriction of creative freedom is not in the best interest of a company that is not profitable.

  8. Why is Roblox telling creators that their miscategorized items will be taken offsale instead of offering a method to change the item’s categorization? This functionality exists for Roblox owned items. An example can be seen in Night Vision Goggles. Despite this item being a face item it has a hat attachment. By forcing items offsale, this removes highly sold items from the algorithm, lowering revenue for both creators and Roblox. Not to mention the giant middle finger to the creator, of 750 upload and 1500 onsale fee, to remove the item from the algorithm.

  9. Why has Roblox continuously refused to allow PBR accessories when a) the technology already exists with compatibility for both R6 and R15 (Gold Clockwork Headphones has PBR) and b) the technology already exists for layered clothing items and, specifically hats that have been turned into layered clothing due to Roblox’s lack of feature support? What is the reason why this has not been enabled yet? PBR for me, but not for thee?

  10. Why does Roblox not allow items that completely cover the character instead of simply creating a category for these items? In a roleplay or hangout setting, having your character be a fridge or vending machine is perfectly acceptable and something that would be in demand. In other games where this disrupts gameplay and similarly to layered clothing, a developer can toggle this category off.


What is the current status of allowing 2D, or “static”, faces on the UGC catalog? Back when UGC first released, we were told it was planned, but I haven’t seen any progress on that front.


why does Roblox takes 70% of the cut on UGC in Marketplace and creators get 30% of it, cause its seems like a very low income to UGC creators to give


Hello! Can you please separate your questions into individual comments? Thank you!

  1. In-game subscriptions come to Türkiye? And in some countries, dollar pricing is not accessible for every players. Due to this there should be local currency support and, because of dollar rate, there should be own local price for every country.
    US - 5 USD
    Türkiye - 100 TRY (3,11 USD)

  2. Can be Robux as an option again in the plugin update? Dollar prices difficult to access for some of the countries. The minimum price has increased from 100 Robux to 5 dollars. This amount is too high for a minimum price. If the Robux option will not return, as I mentioned in the first question, will you introduce local pricing for the plugins?
    Also again Türkiye not supported buying plugins.

  3. Classic heads and classic faces be included in the UGC program future?

  1. When is body tracking by webcam?

  2. When shaders is gonna be allowed at Roblox?

  3. Do you like working at Roblox corporation?

  4. Why did you removed new menu (experience controls)?


What are your plans for advertising? Recently advertising has become extremely inefficient and a net negative to developers who don’t have millions to spend on their games. Do you have any plans to integrate this better into the creator economy?


Is extending webhooks functionality to support audit log creation, so that way we don’t have to make 1000s of API requests to post a new audit log event and outside of audit log events, but more customization that way we can do custom events (roblox server → webhook), we currently have messagingservice but thats only external server to game, but not reverse?


Many questions I’ve been asking for ages on ads still remain unanswered;

Main questions being;

  • What % is Roblox taking from immersive ads
  • when will we be getting developer requested features such as price controls and advertiser controls

Roblox has done a great job at increasing creator earnings across experiences and the creator store. However, this initiative has not been reflected when it comes to the marketplace. The introduction of premium requirements and additional publishing costs has made it more expensive to upload UGC accessories. It is becoming more difficult for new creators to profit from selling UGC items in the marketplace. The marketplace has the lowest revenue split on the platform, which has remained unchanged since the UGC program released. Are there any plans to adjust the revenue splits from selling UGC accessories in the marketplace?


Hi there,

Do you guys by any chance know when we could expect creators to beable to upload their layered clothing shoes in the shoes category? As of right now its only exclusive to roblox. This has led creators to upload their shoes in the pants category. Loving the changes roblox made so far! :duck:


Will Robux plugins come? People from certain countries can’t buy/sell plugins because of the new change


Hey! Can you please separate your questions into individual comments? Thank you!


I still don’t understand the reason for the dynamic minimum prices, I haven’t seen anyone who enjoyed the update, because the prices tend to rise very randomly and (I believe) sometimes end up hurting the sales of UGC creators.

It takes away the creator’s freedom to choose the price they want. I’ve seen Roblox use the example that many creators constantly change prices to “follow market dynamics”, but honestly, as an active member of the community on other social media, I haven’t seen a single person who likes to keep changing the price of their items.

In short, I wanted more details on why Roblox made this decision, and where the feedback came from.


What are the current plans on allowing users that have access to UGC creation create accesories/clothing/bodies or heads that have particles, PBR effects, etc?


Hello, I thank you for taking the time to answer a couple of questions I have.

  1. Do you have any plans to lower the current 100 robux per stock fee? As right now it’s barely sustainable for UGC Creators to make profit off their items.

  2. Could we ever except some UGC avatar bundles to not require a modesty layer unique stuff like @ev1 ’s “Steven” bundle using it to pixelate clothing

  3. Do you have any plans to help with UGC Discoverability?

Thank you for your time.


This might be unrelated since it’s an API. But it has economy inside of it.

The Creator Roadmap talked about Asset Privacy.

Are there plans, to change this API?

  1. Questions: Will UGC Bundles / Dynamic Head moderation become more lenient in terms of banning?
    Bans: Several UGC creators have been receiving bans daily over bundle/head moderation. Unlike other areas of UGC such as accessories and layered clothing, when bundles/dynamic heads are uploaded and rejected, creators are punished with a 1–3-day ban. Bundle/head moderation has stayed like this for months on end and objectively getting worse. As a result, many bundle/head creators who actually put in the work such as implementing all 52 FACs poses only for it to be rejected, including myself, are deviating from this area of UGC altogether.

Hi, I’m wondering if you guys have any future plans to make limited UGC items tradable;
I believe the integration of trading within the UGC marketplace will reignite an interest within players as people will have the ability to trade items that they are unable to afford and so on.

UGC limiteds have became the spotlight and the main interest of many people who in the past used to collect and trade Roblox’s classic accessories, many of which would absolutely love to trade UGC limited items just like they used to with Roblox’s classic limited items.

Currently, trading is at an all time low; and due to this, a very minute amount of the population of Roblox actually acknowledges and partakes into the activity of trading. The addition of the trading for UGC limited items removes the high bar of entry in terms of normal limited trading as the limited market has become overinflated.