Creator Dashboard: Overview, Stats, & Associated Items!

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:mega: Attention Developers :mega:

We are happy to announce feature additions to the Creator Dashboard for games :tada:

Now, instead of taking you to the games page on, clicking on a game tile will take you to the Overview page for this game, showing a small amount of information. Don’t worry - we will add more here in time :tipping_hand_woman: This serves as the landing page for all things game related :flight_arrival:

Next up, you’ll notice the Developer Stats page you know and love has been ported over to the Creator Dashboard :stars: It has been updated to match the Creator Dashboard’s styleguide, as well as for mobile support :iphone: You can now check all of your games statistics and download data on the go :racing_car: We are working to offer more analytics functionality. Stay tuned :musical_note:

Hi, Developer Stats! I missed you~


And lastly, introducing… Associated Items :medal_sports: :tickets: :ticket:

You will now find all of your Badges, Game Passes, and Developer Products under the Associated Items tab. Like other assets, these link back to their details pages on – for now :crystal_ball: And you can copy each of their IDs from the context menu. Sorting and filtering are on the roadmap :file_cabinet:

Click here to see it in action


Hope you all like these updates :blush: Check out the new features by visiting and clicking on a game. As always, let us know if you find any bugs in these new features, and let us know if there are any other features you would like added.


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Wow! :rainbow: What fantastic updates! As a developer on the platform, this is a sure-fire :fire: way to streamline :chart_with_upwards_trend: my workflow! Thanks for these quality of life :star_struck: updates!

Seems to be a non-existant slot! Oops!


Edit! It seems to be cached, to work around this clear your browser cache!


Best update of 2021 so far!

I’m hoping these items will also be viewable all in one site, and not only in a game site.

In the upcoming page, I hope this information such as assets is available as well!


I didn’t expect to get so many link clicks, but I thought about posting it because the site was just originally on the topic. Thanks for the badges!


Is light mode gonna be added or will it just be dark theme? If it’s just dark theme, the world will be a better place.

But seriously, loving the new design! Great work!


It’s an amazing update and all, but i think the playing,visits and max players amount text in the left gui should be smaller in my opinion. Because i don’t want it to be as big as the text title size.

Another thing to mention is the developer stats page. The live stats platform and players are too small and i suggest to make them a little bit bigger

And i don’t know if its a bug or not, but when you right click on any buttons then the button that i right clicked on would play an animation or whatever it is when you left click.

Other than that, its an amazing update and it allows me to look at my game statistic in a more fancy way!

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And it just keeps getting better!

One thing I would love to have added is more sorting options. Currently, there’s only one:


It’d be good to have sort by:

  • Updated
  • Playing
  • Prive/public (group them)

Also, what is the purpose of this button currently? Is there going to be a way to cycle through your different accounts or is it just to display your name?


If it’s the latter, then it should definitely not be a button. If not, then please consider allowing to cycle through your different accounts (in a dropdown or something)!

Here’s it on mobile (a bit repetitive):

Speaking of mobile, I find it a bit strange how the navigation menu on mobile. I’d expect it to come out from the left as opposed to the top, and I’d also expect to hide it by clicking away instead of needing to hit the X button. That’s my only UX issue!

Lastly, is there a plan to be able to upload to “Developer Items” similarly to how we can upload directly in the current creation’s page?

Thank you!
I can’t wait to have this ported to the actual creations tab!


Oh my oh my

This looks really good, as always thank you for making consistent updates to help improve our experience as developers (or “creators”) much better on the Roblox platform. This UI looks really intuitive and in-line with current branding. Can’t wait to try this out!


Pretty epic! Though, I would really like to have commas to space out large numbers:

Looking forward to more epic dashboard content :sunglasses:


Not yet. People still like this so it will be around for a while.


One of the best updates in 2021!

This looks so clean I don’t have words to describe how clean the design of the creation page and the style it is. The associated items makes it so much easier to see all the items for the game (gamepasses, dev products and badges) all in one place!

Thank you Roblox!


This is pretty cool!
However, my creations are pretty cluttered with test places and whatnot. Would be really great if we could pin certain games so that they’re at the top of our dashboard


I love having Robux Revenue Per Visit easily available. The new style is good. Overall great changes, thanks!


This is amazing! Various developer items were previously very hard to get to and I appreciate the new ease of access.

Can you add a search bar? So that I don’t have to scroll through a massive list.

As before (cc), when my dashboard looks like this:

I will have a hard time finding the game I want. I can’t use control + f as the games are on separate pages. I could do this one the old create page, since I could scroll all the way down.

That’s about it. Thank you!


Yea, same. I have way too many test places because I don’t want features that I am testing out breaking the main game. It would be really helpful if we could have pinned/favourited games on the dashboard.

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This is great, but could it be scaled down in width on ultrawide? Numbers are extremely far apart for me, making reading it a pain unless I move Google into half of my display.

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YES! YES! YES! I am so glad that the Developer Stats page has gotten some very needed improvements! It isn’t much yet besides from a port to the new page and new graphs WHICH I ADORE, but it’s a very great start!

Sadly, I am still unable to view total Monthly historical data past four years, but nonetheless I’m sure this will be fixed at some point (We might even see a calendar picker??). It’s also very interesting that Console is no longer purple! :open_mouth:


Anyways here’s a bit of my feedback, I will add more on as needed.

The ‘Live Stats’ tab seems to scale too much on a 16:9 ratio monitor, it appears fine when shrinking down the window.

If you get rid of Total on any of the charts where it goes above 1M, it will no longer show the ‘M’ suffix and instead goes beyond 999K. Though, I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional, as it only seems to happen once 5M is visible on the chart, as ‘Robux Revenue’ for me does show 3 000k with Total visible.


The numbers for ‘Average Visit Length’ feel too long and I think they should be truncated to only show a few decimal places. Same thing with ‘Robux Revenue Per Visit’, or basically any statistic that shows the decimal places.


These charts are Highcharts right?? Because they look so good! The ‘Developer Product Sales’ category looks great, percentages are truncated properly, and the statistics look much more believable, but I’m not 100% sure if they have been fixed or not.

The ‘Data Table’ table looks pretty good, I do think that instead of it showing ‘Time’, ‘Date’ would make more sense. I do hope that we could also sort by categories with Ascending and Descending by clicking them (like Robux Revenue). One minor visual bug here, is that half of the categories seem to be incorrectly aligned. Also great that we can see more data on the table, because it used to show less than half of what we see now!

The ‘Premium’ tab does feel off, the graphs seem harder to use and aim at, and it does also feel stretched like many of the other elements. Aside from that, all seems to be working good!

Looks like Robux Revenue Per Visit is out now, the only issue I see here is again the long number, and Total is actually the average right? It wouldn’t make much sense to have a Total, but instead an Average, so maybe rename ‘Total’ to ‘Average’?

For each graph, it seems like ‘Total’ doesn’t have the highest priority to hover on, and I think it would make sense for it to have the highest priority as shown in the gif below.

Better yet, merge both sets of data in the same tooltip so you know in case if there are other points under the one you are on without having to mess with the visibility.

For the age groups, it would be a nice quality of life change if it showed numbers instead of full on text (like <6, 7 & 8, 9 & 10, …, 18+).

For ‘Robux Revenue Per Visit’, I believe it should be clearer that it is showing numbers in gross revenue (B/T) and not net revenue (A/T).

It would also be nice if we could view revenue-related graphs either before or after tax with toggle button(s).


Aside from the bugs above and everything feeling too ‘stretched’ out along the horizontal axis, it’s amazing and I’m really excited to see what this can bring to the table in terms of additions later on. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to bring us this! :smiley:


This looks really good and this will help me because I’m lazy to check what assets I have for my groups and on my account!

woah cool much more easy to use!

i hope more features to like to buy or sell sets/scripts etc from there …

it so hard to find pre made scripts stuff that already made…

i want sets to be a thing were i can create a sim or open world game with ease…

Amazing update, please keep on working with this UI because it looks promising! :smiley:

Some feedback: