Creator Roadmap - AMA with Dan and Manuel [Jan 24, 2024]

will you ever reconsider public UGC; despite it being spoken about for a while now, and the AD changes that are apparently being removed from the roblox main page - taken form youtuber sources.


Where is South America server?


I’m not Dan or Manuel, but I found that this post answers your question by mentioning plans of allowing users to sell models on the marketplace.

Hope this helps you out!


Is there any planned graphical improvement coming for PC and higher end devices when the mobile graphics improvement announced at RDC will come in?

For example, better quality shadows (less pixelated)
Overlay for custom materials (highly requested feature for materials like bricks, & rust metal)
And Volumetric fog, which would improve the lightning and graphics in games

AS WELL as, an advanced/improved graphics settings (change particles, render quality, distance and texture quality individually)


Will Roblox introduce enhanced tools or features in the future that allow game developers to create higher and more realistic water waves, providing a more immersive experience for players?

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Hi, Dan/Manuel! I’d just like to ask: what’s the timeline for EditableImage being enabled for use in games?

The reason this is so important to me is because, currently, Roblox’s image compression is unescapable and completely ruins the aesthetic of pixel art games. EditableImage would at least give me a way around this issue. More info below.


For Audio APIs, will there be an option for voice chat without the proximity effect?

Pertaining to UGC, for Improved Avatar Face and Body Tooling and Bodies and Animated Faces, will imported armatures and bones ever have support for bone drivers and bone constraints? And for Powerful search and browse capabilities, will that also apply to the UGC Marketplace and include features such as boolean search operators?


Greetings! Here’s my question:

For many years, developers have been cut off access from CoreGui, reasonably since it may cause a lot of security issues. Though as Roblox grows and the engine becomes more capable each year, the menu generally stays the same and it may lead to some inconsistencies.

Like for example, one game would have a medieval theme, with its custom UI design to fit it. But when the player opens the menu, because it has a completely different theme, things feel off and inconsistent.

Another thing is that, developers might want to add custom settings for their game, like custom graphic options, music and sound options, etc. But unfortunately for that, they have to add another UI inside their game. This may also create confusions.

As the platform grows and the engine becomes more capable each year, we should be able to have more control over some of the CoreGui elements. I agree there can be very important security issues, but there are many proposed solutions that can eradicate these said issues.


  • Tools to manage Intellectual Property - New centralized place for developers to easily manage the intellectual property rights of their creations (Early 2024)

As we may know, there are some bad actors who copy/clone other’s experiences on Roblox. (Ex. Brookhaven and Pls Donate)

Will this tool help developers take down experiences that copied their own experience(s)?


Will the ui styling extend to Roblox core gui? Currently it looks out of place in a lot of games.


With regards to Studio Luau File Sync Beta, there have been rumors circulating amongst developers and staff that Roblox is working on a Protocol Buffer (“protobuf”) based file format for places and models.

The purpose of protobuf is to enable multiple community tools to easily process these files without having to maintain multiple ser/des implementations, as is the case with the current binary (RBXL/RBXM) and XML (RBXLX/RBXMX) formats in tools like rbx-dom, rbxmk, Lync, and others.

The Question: If we are to see this new file format incorporated into Roblox, will it be added alongside the Studio Luau File Sync Beta, and if not; where on the roadmap can we expect it to be added?

Thanks for the AMA!


When will we have a way to apply to become a regular member on the forum. I’d like to request new features to be added to the platform, but currently, it is not possible. Bug requests also require additional steps to be noticed if you’re not a regular.


. When the new core top bar comes out to everyone in production experiences as anouched before the rdc Roblox made a new topbar with a calopase menu with experience controls like chat and leaderboard etc


What are some things you are working on to correct auto false moderations of textures/meshes/items?

Getting banned for a day or even longer can: often slow things down and is not convenient, can sometimes make you miss important events, impact your moderation history which is important for DevEx and a lot more.

Thanks for the extra transparency and your big efforts to make this platform better than ever!


Can we please get closure on the car company dilemma currently on the platform? We have had 0 closure by you guys on the moves going forward in terms of vehicle models. There’s many games in development, or are already out, that do not know what to do: custom models or stay with the debranded vehicles? Of course, going custom is always the safest option. Are games allowed to use debranded vehicles as long as it is debranded, not a gamepass/robux locked, and a different name? Or should we stay completely custom? I understand this might not be your area to answer, but an answer is better than no answer.


Are we any closer to the Studio revamp? It still looks like an outdated Windows 8 app. I liked that new design and Jn excited for hopefully a UI editor which doesn’t suck.


Will Roblox Brand Limiteds and Drops, and even the off-sale classic item go Limiteds for 2024 to finish the classics and to continue the Roblox Brand Limited Series? If so what is the future of real Roblox Brand Products and their direction for it, as the customer and users and the community wish for content to be on the Roblox Brand and to be tradable as well under the Roblox Brand only, since UGC Limiteds do not follow the same stuff. I am looking forward to the return of Roblox Brand Limited products and would be willing to spend Robux on just only those. I don’t support UGC Limited. Ever since the end of 2022 many marketing opportunities have been missed and Roblox has not taken advantage of it so far. It was flatlined since July of 2023 when this question was still out in the open and in limbo about the direction of High-Quality Marketing on Roblox.

Here is the question again:
Will Roblox Brand Limiteds and Drops, and even the off-sale classic items go Limiteds for 2024 to finish the classics and to continue the Roblox Brand Limited Series?


what happened to roblox making offsale items limited ?
The current roblox economy is extremely dead.


Good afternoon my friends:

I want to raise two topics as my questions for today. I know it says try to limit your message to one question, but I have two questions that are both very important to me.

First, I’d like to ask about the “Powerful search and browse capabilities” category on the road-map. Ultimately, I assume this is just about improving the search algorithm for experiences.

My question for this is: when will these search improvements come out?

Before August 2022, my experience was the 8th listed experience when you searched for “army” and then it mysteriously disappeared from that search term, despite other, much smaller games still being there. This led to a huge decrease in the amount of new players my experience got. To this day, it still doesn’t show up, even if you scroll thousands of tabs down. Improving the search algorithm, as you can imagine, matters to me a great deal.

Secondly, I’d like to speak about the “Balanced safety and moderation” section, or what isn’t listed there. I see there is no mention to an improvement on appealing bans or giving out bans in general. I’d like to lend my small presence here to suggest this be considered for the future. In 2019, my account which I had used since 2011 onwards got terminated falsely out of no where, and I’ve been trying to get it fixed ever since. I’ve sent over 30 appeals. To this day, though, I’ve not been able to get it fixed nor have I been able to speak to anyone from that team about it.

I suppose that my question would be whether or not there are plans to consider amending or improving the appeals process, giving developers an easier or more fast tracked method to appeal things, etc.

Thank you very much for your time.


Got some question related to UGC program, since this year you will allow a lot of people to upload just like those that applied into the program.
So will we have a better item control page/better options??

We should be able to delete our own items FULLY off the platform. I understand that refunding causes roblox a bit of an issue when it comes to this, but we could have the creators pay out of their own pockets? or remove their pendings off the specific item?
We really need to have a way to fully remove our items off the platform, and while i understand concerns from people if their accounts get hacked, i trully believe, we need this, and we could have like 2 step, and email confirmation, as well as a 1 week timer to cancel the item deletion, in case of a 3rd party trying to delete items.
So is there any chance we might see that coming in the future?