Creator Roadmap: Spring 2024 Edition

agree to disagree i suppose lmao


This is part of this announcement that got my attention too. I hope Roblox’s feature will be pretty similar to or better than Nexus VR Character Model; For some reason, that module is very glitchy in Studio now, but I want my experience to support VR.

As for transparency, I hope they keep the player’s full body visible. I don’t like when VR games hide everything but the player’s hands or arms because I don’t know how that’s “immersive”. If they do that, I hope it’s as easy as setting each character part’s “local transparency” property to 0 to fix it.

One thing I didn’t like about Nexus VR was how none of your movements updated your server character, which was done to avoid Roblox’s automatic server-to-client replication. Because of this, you couldn’t detect the player’s rotation or hand CFrames on the server, needing to trust the client through RemoteEvents…

Oh, if Roblox handles this well, it’ll be great to leave Nexus VR Character Model behind and use a native implementation instead. For developers that used that module like me or want to support VR, this has potential. However, I hope it can be disabled in games that use their own systems like VR Hands.


It will probably be the heat death of the universe before that happens…


oh, that is amazing. I thought it was coming mid may, Because i saw a reply from you on a past post i looked at, But june is amazing. Anyways please take your time with this and make it as perfect as possible.

Good Luck!


cant they just rebuild the system for r6 to support the new stuff instead of putting an adapter? using an adapter is like putting a band-aid on the problem.

  • Accessory adjustment tool

I think that was already added, in the form of the “accessory fitting tool”.
I could be wrong, but maybe that’s out of date?


I always have loved these road maps, they make Roblox more transparent with their ideas and allows you to prepare or expect new features!

hopefully we see more of this type of stuff from Roblox we could always do with more transparency and communication to us.


Wasn’t there an upcoming update some time in 2024 that the Market Fee on market place items would be removed and users could make 100% of earnings when someone makes a purchase?

I thought I saw that somewhere on a Creator Roadmap post during the summer?


When are we getting the luau file sync beta :sob:
They literally said at RDC its gonna be out late 2023 but its literally almost halfway through 2024 I really wanna sync my games with source control


aight, i hope this update on the ui and generally most of studio’s hardcoded parts can fix this


Native Code Generation - Improves script performance on RCC and in Studio plugins by compiling Luau to host CPU instructions instead of interpreting bytecodes in a virtual machine (Mid 2024)

Regarding that can someone elaborate what this means? I know about this project well since it was first announced that code will be compiled instead of being interpreted but what do they mean “On RCC”??

Because originally if I am not mistaken Roblox had said that they would implement that for their servers which means only server performance would benefit and they said they would think about it if they add support for each client to compile the code as well.

So this is for just the servers? In the future it will be done for clients as well??


Good question. We are indeed considering other platforms. But for now this is enabled only for RCC (servers) and Studio.

Related, check out our latest update on Native Code Generation here, Luau Native Code Generation Preview Update.


It’s awesome to see groups owning groups being planned, much needed for studios with multiple experiences.

With that being said, is it advisable to put development of new experiences under their own group? A big reason that I’ve not done this in the past is because I want all my games tied to my main “studio” group, but it seems like that will be remedied. Are you able to provide any more information on this and how it will work?


This is very exciting news, particularly with the upgrades to the Secret Store and the Creator Hub. Interested to see what the Group Revenue overhaul will entail.


Are deferred decals possible since OpenGL ES 2.0 support has been dropped? It’s been a long time since March 1st and I’ve still not gotten a conclusive answer.

They would revolutionize building and special effects, and now that there aren’t any technical limitations holding it back it wouldn’t make sense to not consider it.

Thanks in advance for the response!


This will be very interesting when it rolls out.

Can we expect a time when we can delete assets off the platform? Or are we going to still have to use the emailing system that doesn’t appear to be working at the moment?


got False DMCA’ed, and here we go the worst support to exist
I’ve been actually getting ignored by support after helping patch the False DMCA methods


That happened to one of my friends as well it’s been a while tho he got dmcad for a chair on the toolbox some other guy used that chair before my friend ant with it he got it banned the guy who did it doesn’t even the creator of the chair imagine losing ur place with 2m visits cuz of an toolbox chair


oh well, im talking about ugcs it sucks and effects alot


Please can we get multiple frame shapes for the gui designing? It would be such an easy thing to add to studio and save us developer so much time. Because we instead of adding a triangle frame we must create a image in a editor and import it

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