Creator Store Seller Onboarding Now Open!

Hi Creators,

Starting today, you can create seller accounts on Creator Store for selling plugins and price them using real-world currency (USD). On April 8, 2024, USD pricing will go live and you will no longer be able to sell or purchase Creator Store assets using Robux. For more information about the Creator Store economy and our strategy (ex. Why USD?), see our post and FAQ here. We’ve created documentation to outline onboarding, best practices, and how to upload assets.

To qualify as a seller, you must be:

  • ID Verified
  • 18+
  • In good moderation standing
  • Passing our information verification process

We understand that our requirements for selling Creator Store assets are more rigorous than before in order to enable automated payouts and high revenue share. We are investigating ways to expand monetization opportunities to more creators in the future.

After onboarding as a seller, you will be able to:

  • Sell your plugins and models (coming later) for real-world currency in the Creator Store
  • Receive the full proceeds from your sales minus an approximately 10% fee to cover costs associated with payment processing (More info on what the fee covers here.)
  • Receive automated monthly payouts directly deposited to your bank account

Once you have onboarded, you will be able to select a price from a fixed list for your assets.

We want to ensure you have ample time to onboard and transition to the new system before we enable real-world currency-based pricing. So, USD prices won’t be visible, and items won’t be purchasable in USD until April 8, 2024. Robux pricing will still be available until the April 8 launch. Ahead of this date, please be sure to either make the necessary pricing changes or make your plugins private. At launch, plugins currently priced in Robux without a USD price enabled will be made private until the price is updated.

We’re starting with enabling plugins for the real-world currency-based pricing system, but we plan to expand to additional asset types. Keep your eyes out for the Models launch soon!


Creator Store Team


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Roblox opening the market to support purchases for USD (and potentially other currencies in the future) will set a precedent that I am absolutely for. This gives me far much more motivation to create great tooling for developers. I am excited for the future, especially to see what others make because of this!


No. Please do not force this on us. I have built up a lot of Robux which I use to purchase stuff. Forcing USD is pretty backwards. The better way to go would allow them to set a price like $2.99 and offer people to pay the same in Robux, configurable by the creator. I also wouldn’t mind if it was just full USD and no Robux and you used a “roblox wallet” to pay for it like Steam, not Stripe every time.


this is BAD, now you gonna pay real money instead of robux to get plugins, (but if we can use robux too its not that bad…) and the will no longer be able to sell or purchase Creator Store assets using Robux. is even more BADDER i dont want to pay more for the plugins and the free ones do they will be still free? and even do it will be supported in EUROS? and not everyone is id verified, there will be less plugins, and the cools plugins at 100robux will be 2.99usd now :frowning:

guess i wont make my plugin


This is very exciting! I hope availability expands in future for younger developers in more parts of the world. Keep up the good work!


I really like seeing more ways to buy items, and I also support moving away from traditional Robux methods…

Although I do like having the option for USD, I do think it should be Robux and USD

Is there a chance to have a custom input or adding even more options soon?

Some questions I have:

  • Are there any plans to support other currencies like GBP instead of just Dollars?
  • Can users buy assets with Gift Card, if they don’t have/can’t use credit cards?

This is incredibly exciting! But I’m so ashamed to say that I’m under the age of 18.

I’ve DevEx’d over ten times, and made thousands and thousands of dollars off of Roblox. I don’t understand why this would be the case, unless maybe the Stripe payment processing method is preventing this from happening.

This is really a shame since I wanted to get into the Roblox plugin market, please oh please reply to this message and tell me the true reason as to why this is a regulation now.

Thank you!


Oh boy do I have a playlist for you :slight_smile:

With some highlights:


I’m hoping this helps drive it through people’s heads just how cheap 100 robux is, since I bet 99 cents is gonna replace that as the common cheap price instead of the actual USD equivalent (which is like 35 cents I think?).


Mixed opinions on this overall.

I am glad that Roblox seems to be taking developers who are unable to apply due to being under 18 into account as finding this out last night, I was feeling pretty worried about my future of selling plugins here.

I am happy plugin developers are getting fake compensation but the changes will make me spend less on Roblox plugins overall considering the limitations. I have 6000 Robux and I wish there was a way to convert it to USD to spend on the store so I can continue to support creators but it doesn’t look to be the case.

$4.99 ($4.50 after fees) is the smallest you can set it to unfortunately. Pretty annoyed that I can’t just sell a plugin for 99 cents if I wanted to.


That’s quite sad ROBLOX starts to look like the Unity marketplace. I believe that robux integration was a better embedment of the pay feature within Roblox. Now, we see more & more transactions with real currency.

I already pay a Roblox premium subscription that gives me 1k R$ per month. I know that this model will be more lucrative for ROBLOX since I cannot use those robux to buy plugins (which means they lose a bit of money theoretically), but don’t get me wrong, I will never spend more than the monthly 10€ I already spend here.

Subscriptions, and now this. Will you eventually decide to remove robux, and only use real currency?


In my opinion this should happen, Robux is like the middle-man… We buy Robux with real life currency and then buy items with Robux. Why do this when we can just directly buy it with irl currencies?


Ah, well, to be fair 99 cents is basically nothing too. People act like literal pennies in Robux is super expensive because they have no clearly visible comparison in USD presented to them. 5 bucks for a plugin is not expensive :person_shrugging:


Good update! Though I do hope we get to choose whether we want to use Robux or USD.

I live in Europe, I gotta pay using Euros so I’m not sure if this would actually work for me.
And I actually much rather use Robux that I already have on my account so I hope these features will end up being optional or multiple-choice.


Regardless of how things go, I don’t even know whether I want to continue selling on the platform considering the changes. I have not made anything personally from plugins this year, it is pretty clear that they’re either priced too expensive (380 Robux is the highest) or nobody cares enough to buy the plugins.

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Can’t agree with you on this. I would not want to open my credit card to pay 5 cents for a roblox shirt and pants. Robux have their use.


Why do you want to price plugins that cheap? This is a 1-time purchase for a development tool to help make you money, not an avatar item. Plugins take days, weeks, or even months to make and exist to aid in development. We don’t need the same race to the bottom that UGC has gone through.


What the jacksquadilydo is this update? This basically eliminates all minors to be competent in game development.


See my following reply, hardly get any sales from the platform as it is and it would just decline with USD pricing:

It is just unfortunate that things have to end this way.

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