Critical Client Issue: Experiencing Performance Issues on Devices That Shouldn't Have Such

Hello! Throughout the past few months I’ve been experiencing a persistent and extremely annoying issue with the Roblox client. The performance of the client randomly goes from running smoothly to completely freezing for a second or two before resuming smooth gameplay.

On occasion though not all the time, opening the menu or pressing “esc” to bring up the popup asking if you want to exit the app entirely or just go back to exploring the platform also causes this spike in lag.

There are a few things I’ve noted

  1. It only happens on the web client not the Microsoft Store version.
  2. It only happens on my main account (ThatOneUnoriginal) and not on an alt account (despite being on the exact same hardware.)

No modifications are installed on either versions of the Roblox client (I had at most Bloxstrap and an FPS unlocker) but uninstalling the former doesn’t seem to affect anything and the latter isn’t even enabled (and the issue occurred prior to installing it.)

I’ve tried uninstalling the application, removing the files from %appdata%, installing the latest NVIDIA Graphics Driver, disabling GeForce experience overlay, bypassing Bloxstrap and then eventually uninstalling it entirely. Basically anything that I have tried I have tried and it doesn’t work.

Bellow is a showcase of the two. Both instances are on the Roblox web-installed client playing the same experience on the same hardware. The only difference is the user (and avatar) alongside a different server of said experience.

Expected behavior: Noteing the specifications of the hardware being used to run the client, there should be no problem playing experiences including (but not limited to) opening the Roblox menu. This was done on an alternative account but is on the Roblox web-installed client.

(Ignore the video in the bottom right, I was watching some Fallout challenge video when I had the idea of reporting this issue.)

Actual behavior: Whenever I open the Roblox menu, the game freezes for a few seconds before resuming normally. In this example I spammed the esc key a few times so that’s why it lasts a bit longer then a few seconds. This is on my main account and is also on the Roblox web-installed client.

(I said earlier to ignore the video in the bottom right, but it can be used to show that its not the PC that’s freezing, its just the Roblox client.)

Device Specifications:

CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 @ 3.20GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060
OS: Windows 11 Pro 23H2

Screenshot bellow shows a huge spike in CPU resposne time after pressing the “ESC” key to open the Roblox menu


I have already reported here: "SettingsHub" and "ReportAbuseMenuNewContainerPage" are Very Slow

But I agree that the menu have some performance problems (and the chat)

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This isn’t just specific to the Roblox menu but it’s the best demonstration of such issue occurring. The client also lags suddenly for one or two seconds before going back to silky smooth gameplay.

I choose to showcase the lag occurring when opening the Roblox menu as I can consistently get it to appear (except for a few select experiences where it suddenly doesn’t happen(?)) Meanwhile with the sudden lag during gameplay it happens randomly.

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In some games , I got some freeze problems too but with some research I found that “HD Admin” is taking lot of ms in the performance stats but I will not say that it’s only HD Admin problems

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Just out of curiosity, which games are you noticing this issue in? I’ve been seeing this myself over the past 2-3 months or so.

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I’ve been having this issue across all experiences on Roblox throughout the past few months. I will just be playing an experience on Roblox with no issue then suddenly I’m hit with a lag spike which is seemingly caused by a massive increase in CPU response time for around 1-2 seconds before everything goes back to normal. My device should be able to play the experiences without problem noting the fact I can play much more compute intensive games like Beam.NG for example (alongside many others.) The issue of going into the Roblox menu causing a lag spike happens in most but not all experiences.


The issue affects every experience I’ve played so I doubt that the issues I’m having with the client suddenly lagging for no apparent reason doesn’t have to do with HD Admin or anything that a developer has done in their specific experience.

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Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

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Hi @ThatOneUnoriginal thank you for the report. Can you use the directions here to open the microprofiler, pause the microprofiler after the problem occurs, and then use the “Dump” 512 frames option:

This should create a dump located in %localappdata%\Roblox\logs on Windows. Can you share the dump file with us? It should hopefully indicate what part of the callstack might cause the hang.


Edit: forgot to include microprofiler howto URL

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Where would the preferred area be to share the logs with? I seemingly cannot upload them onto the DevForum platform directly due to the file size limit.

Uploading it to Google Drive and linking it in a message sent to @bug-files. Link that private message here you you should be good to go :slight_smile: