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Greetings! Welcome to the Cupz Cafe handbook. Within this handbook, you’ll learn about the different features of Cupz Cafe.

Rank Information Guide
Q&A - Coming Soon
Interview Guide - Coming Soon
Training Guide - Coming Soon
Recruitment Guide
Kitchen Lead Promotion Guide
Alliance Termination Appeal Guide
Warning Guide

Group Information

Cupz Cafe is a group founded by ashquax and Madam_Mum on the 23rd of August 2018. Cupz Cafe tries to be the best they can for their staff and customers. Meet the requirements? Great! Send anyone in the High Rank team (Executive Assistant+) a message.

Alliance Requirements

  • You must have at least 100 members to form an alliance with us, however exceptions can be made, but that is a very rare chance.
  • You must have an active group, otherwise we will not ally with you.
  • Your group must not sell ranks.
  • You must have two HRs in your group that are willing to be your representatives.
  • If we find any blacklisted users as an MR+ at your group, then the alliance will be terminated.
  • We do not wish to ally with army groups.

Session Times

Currently halted

Weekdays: Monday - Friday

  • 4pm GMT, Interviews.
  • 6pm GMT, Trainings.
  • 8pm GMT, Interviews.
  • 4pm PST, Interviews.
  • 6pm PST, Trainings.
  • 8pm PST, Interviews.

Weekends: Saturday - Sunday

  • 10am GMT, Interviews.
  • 12pm GMT, Trainings.
  • 2pm GMT, Interviews.
  • 4pm GMT, Trainings.
  • 6pm GMT, Interviews.
  • 8pm GMT, Trainings.
  • 2pm PST, Interviews.
  • 4pm PST, Trainings.
  • 6pm PST, Interviews.
  • 8pm PST, Trainings.

Thank you for reading. Have any questions? Feel free to ask an MR+.Text

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