Custom Collision Mesh/Box Creation

With creating objects with meshes, in other game engines (or modeling software) it is possible to create a custom collision mesh or box.

Roblox does this to an extent at the moment but with only 3 options “Hull” “Box” or “Default”.

But as the moment with complex meshes sometimes these three by default collisions are not enough so many times I must resort to splitting up the Mesh in the modeling software I use or use parts turned as an actual collision medium and the mesh with no collisions which can lead to rather problematic camera issues in certain aspects.

If Roblox allows us, developers, a way to create our own Collision Meshes, or way to import ones from our specific 3d modeling software, we can further optimize our games which rely on complicated mesh parts instead of having to either split up the mesh or use parts for collisions which can lead to unnecessary bloating in part or mesh counts within a game.

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I’ve wanted this for a while but I don’t think it’s going to happen, also this is an Engine feature since it changes the actual gameplay in the roblox client.