Custom Game Assets

As a roblox developer, it is currently too hard to synchronize assets in multi-place universes - even with the assistance of Packages.


Packages do a great job for things like model assets, and I think with a few updates they’ll be ready to use at a very large scale. The problem is that they’re not “simple” enough. Sometimes, all that you want to link between the universes is a simple property or a line of text - for example, a version number to place in all gui objects regardless of the gui shape itself.

Since I work in a development group and multiple people make updates, the only way to do this now (Linked sources would have been perfect for this) is to publish a Module on the group which team members can edit and have a script in each gui which will update the version number according to the one in that module. We cannot use packages because those can only be updated by one person.


We can solve all these issues by allowing developers to create custom Game values that can be referenced by scripts and assets in the game. These, for instance, could include Strings, booleans, numbers, etc. all directly referenced by game assets. Here’s an example:

Every game that references that String asset would automatically update their text to correspond with the text held in the “Asset”.

Of course this could be done with LinkedSources, but I suppose this could work too - Ideally with no scripting to ease usage for newer users.