Custom proximity prompt v2

I know I made a community resource on custom proximity prompts before. However, the prior one had everything be done by code whereas this new one is based on the graphical UI tools in studio hence the v2.

Differences: Roblox default vs custom v2 (although feel free to completely make it your own)
New hold

Default hold

New press

Default press

(Optional) Modify the CustomPrompt script and NewPrompt BillboardGui
1) move the “NewPrompt” BillboardGui to Game → ReplicatedStorage
2) move the “CustomPrompt” localscript to Game → StarterPlayer → StarterPlayerScripts
3) Set all the proximity prompts that you want to be the custom one’s style property to Custom

Model link: (Custom Proximity Prompt V2.1 - Roblox)
Setup in studio download:
ProximityV2.1.rbxl (65.3 KB)

The code is based off Custom Prompt - Roblox by CyberCreatorYT

Update 1/1/2022: Made the prompt change input icons based on user input device changing while the prompt is shown (such as keyboard to controller). Change the default icons for controllers (this can be changed if you want, however default Roblox controller icons are bad). Added audio effects that can be toggled for when a prompt is shown and triggered.

Update 1/14/2023: Fixed the proximity prompt not following the prompt UIOffset property, and as such renamed the version to 2.1


Looks very interesting. I really like your way of visualizing the progress of the interaction.

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This is awesome! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now.

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Awesome gui! But one problem: They overlap if there’s more than one ProximityPrompt at a time. Is there a fix for this?

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This is very cool, but I don’t think orange fits that much with grey; other than that its very nice! :grinning:

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Wow this is awesome for my game!, Quick question is there a way to edit or remove the box around the text though? As it’s a bit annoying for my game.

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Sorry, I am a bit late, but you can remove it just by modifying InputIcon – put image transparency to 1.
Not the best solution but it works.

(sorry that I revived this)

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Same Issue, I’m wondering if this problem has been fixed

This is not an issue, instead it is a proximity prompt property. These follow all the same properties as the default proximity prompt, so what I’m going to say applies to both.
The property in question is the Exclusivity property. This has 3 different “states” it can be in: AlwaysShow, OnePerButton, and OneGlobaly. Keep in mind that all theses states still follow the MaxActivationDistance and RequiersLineOfSight properties.

for the following images, the blue parts have ther proximity prompts set for the letter n, and the red parts q. Also, all prompts have the same "Exclusivity " property state.

AlwaysShow will show the proximity prompt regardless of other proximity prompts even if it is the same key.

OnePerButton will only show the prompt the camera is looking at that is mapped to the same key but show others that are mapped to different keys.

(note that n and q are diffrent keys, and the blue part futher away is not showing it)

OneGlobaly will show the prompt that the camera is looking at with the same state, however if another prompt has a diffrent state, that prompt will show the state it is set to.

See here for the proximity prompt documentation: ProximityPrompt | Roblox Creator Documentation
Hope this helps to clarify why prompts are showing multiple at once.

Sorry for the confusion, but what I am trying to say is when you have two ProximityPrompt in one part

Like this:

The custom ProximityPrompt overlaps like this

Even I have set the Offsets for each prompt
Prompt 1 = 0,0
Prompt 2 = 0,80

Thank you for clarifying this problem, I updated it and it should be fixed. Here is what it looks like with the fix:


Excellent, really good and useful model!