Custom rig animations are messed up

I’m working on animating a bunch of custom rigs. They each have Humanoids and their Motor6D’s are in the right places. Unfortunately, the animation makes the character skip around and glitch like crazy when it’s running with the legs CanCollide to true. Removing the HumanoidRootPart fixes that problem, but introduces another in the fact that the torso can’t be animated. The attached videos show the problem.

HumanoidRootPart exists, legs CanCollide = false

HumanoidRootPart exists, legs CanCollide = true

HumanoidRootPart does not exist, legs CanCollide = true

Is there a way to create custom rigs like this and have their animations work properly? Removing the HumanoidRootPart is a solution as it turns out, but those animations are still a little jolty because the legs hitting the ground messes them up. Preferably, how would I accomplish the smoothness of the first animation with CanCollide legs?

Make an invisible collision box around the whole model, the first one is the most smooth but it seems that the collision part is the humanoidrootpart.


Hi, did you get it to animate clean?

If so what did you end up using in the script?

Thanks, I am working on animated four legged creatures.