Custom texture bank (SmoothTerrain + Bricks)

I already posted something similar in the past, and this would be the best update ever.

What about improving the “Texture” object or even making something new ?
By adding new behaviours like Layers and Type of layers: (ColorMap / NormalMap / SpecularityMap (etc…))
Tile size to adjust the texture, we can debate on the possible behaviours !
So we would be able to create our own textures that looks like what we really want !

like this:

And being able to insert the texture object as a new smooth terrain or brick texture.
It could be handled like the sound bank, by uploading the texture to roblox to share it or not ^^

I hope you enjoy this idea, thanks !


I feel like a like is not enough and I have to post how much I want this.

So much yes

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Share this thread, this must go viral !

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