Customize player avatar in game?

So I was playing the Lil Nas X Concert and saw this:


Does this mean we can change a player’s avatar in game now or was it a feature only enabled for the game?

Also is it the wrong category?


I think it uses Avatar Editor Service


So pretty much this is a Roblox only thing where the public doesn’t have access to it. I know that because there has been no talk or a release note. I’m not sure if this would be something coming in the future, but I suppose we’ll have to wait for now.


Actually, I believe we do have access to it. For example, The Neighborhood of Robloxia (V6) uses it when you save an outfit in-game, theres an option to also save it as an outfit for the avatar page.

I’m not sure how to use it either, but one thing I do see is SearchCatalog, which may be handy for me later, lol

I looked at the roblox api and saw a few functions relating to changing the avatar and such but it looks like most of them were removed. (Or hidden)


Try using this game, its open-source! It’s kinda like the one in the event!

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Ah! Sorry to bump, but I was researching information about the AvatarEditorService and found this in a FFlag database:
As of 11/15:
It’s a list of every game that has AvatarEditorService enabled. Pretty useful to get a general idea of what the service can do.