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About Me

Hello! My name is D3V0URED. I’m an European developer. I’ve been on this platform since 2010 and started developing in 2014. I specialize at accurately reconstructing buildings/places from photos.


Most of my work was initially a photo that I’ve rebuilt on ROBLOX.

Gas Station, remake of the real life "Royal Farms" gas station

Assets for a tycoon

More screenshots here.

View from a futuristic window

The bomb from R6S

A big office building

Military assets

Low Poly Tree

Low Poly Haribo Store

Medieval assets - inspired from Empire: Four Kingdoms

Storage houses

Civilian Dwellings



Current Work

A scene from my a horror game I’m working on.


I am available for ten to twelve hours of work on the weekends. During the week I’m rarely online as school is my highest priority.


I prefer group funds for the payment.
The price per asset depends on the quality & details you want.


You can contact me via Discord: D3V0URED#0332

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I have had very good experiences with him. He is a generous, likeable and above all, reliable person. A comission became a friendship.

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I like some of the building designs as it sort of reminds me of @Gusmanak’s Apocalypse Rising 2. The office building catches my eye as it’s very professionally done. However, the horror game work is very impressive and you’ve done an excellent job with lighting. I’ll keep this flagged for future reference.

Best of luck on your endeavors! :slight_smile:

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