Dark Bubble Chat Scripting

Hello, I want to get some help on how to make bubble chat dark.


The background behind a should be dark instead of white.

If you know reply below! This is important for my game cuz darker seems better then white.


The chat system uses an image for the chat bubbles, I believe making the image dark is not possible. You would have to make your own chat bubble system.

Hold on I think It’s possible

You’re going to need to override the default bubble script with a new script. First, you’ll need to get a copy of the bubble chat first.

Start a new place and then click “Play”


Go to the explorer, you’ll see a few new scripts pop up under StarterPlayerScripts. The only script we’re interested in in BubbleChat.


Right click this, copy it, and then stop the play session.

Now paste this script to StarterPlayerScripts. Any modifications you make to this script will now take effect on the bubble chat.

… Now try make the modifications yourself and we’ll help you when you get stuck.


I was messing with it but only tap / to chat and boxes around it affects it

Very similar to what XAXA said. You’re going to need to modify the BubbleChat Local Script which is located in the Chat Service. You’re going to want to modify 3 functions inside of the script. Of which are named. “createChatBubbleMain”, “createChatBubbleTail” and “CreateBubbleText”
Insert whatever color3 values fill your needs into the functions.

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Do you know inserting color3 script?

Inserting a Color3 value is easy as adding one of the following lines documented here, into the script.

Here, I made the script changes

Dark Chat Bubble.rbxm (113.2 KB)

move everything in the folder into game.Chat

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Open with studio?


it tells me to choose a place and i cant find it

Once you’ve downloaded the file and opened studio, drag the file into studio and you’ll get this folder
You only want the things inside the folder so move “ChatModules”, “ClientChatModules” etc into game.Chat


Open any published place that you have?

I see

my chat cant open now with / or clicking it, i put folder in or just bubblechat

You have to move all the contents of the folder into chat. Chat does not work with studio, you need to publish the place to Roblox, then play your game from the website.

Once you’ve moved everything in the folder into Chat and published your game to Roblox and played your game from the website, you should see your chat bubbles like this
(Image Removed)

Just a heads up, but you don’t actually need to publish the place to make the bubble chat work. Just insert a LocalScript into StarterPlayerScripts with this as its only source:

local Chat = game:GetService("Chat")
local function setUpChatWindow()
    return { BubbleChatEnabled = true }
Chat:RegisterChatCallback(Enum.ChatCallbackType.OnCreatingChatWindow, setUpChatWindow)

This will enable bubble chat, even in play solo on a new, unpublished place.


image ???

This doesn’t seem to work for me :confused: does this have to be done on runtime or nah?