Data Store issue with my game

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I’d like to resolve the issue and remove this user’s data from my game.
  2. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!

I was recently sent this message by Roblox but I have no idea what to do and every time I follow the steps it never works.
3. What solutions have you tried so far? Did you look for solutions on the Developer Hub?
I’ve repeated the steps multiple times but it might have something to do with my data stores.
After that, you should include more details if you have any.

Link for the steps I tried to follow: About GDPR and CCPA (scroll down for steps)

Please let me know if you need any photos or pictures showing what I’ve done. Thank you!

Although I’m not certain, I believe this step is where my problem occurs?

I’m not sure how I find if my data is stored differently or not. I’m also not sure what I need to adjust the line to.

If this has nothing to do with data stores, it could be this final issue that I’m having.


Apparently the issue here is that “RemovePlayerData” is not a valid member of “ServerStorage”.
But as shown above, it is, that’s why I think it could have to do with the data stores.

Again with my datastores issue, it’s possible that my data key wasn’t his pattern.

Do you have a system in your game that stores player data? If you do and someone else wrote it, it would best to ask them about it and see if they can help you navigate the system that they made.

Someone else did it however I’m pretty sure they don’t know what system they made, (I think they followed a tutorial?)

Also, yes, I do. I have have like this dex which tracks what kittens you’ve collected inside a GUI. (I made a game like Find the Markers)

If you want to delete the data for a specific user, you are going to need to figure out how the system in your experience saves data for specific users.

I wouldn’t worry if I were you btw.

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That’s the problem, I have no idea how I’m supposed to find or know that, since I never do stuff like this. I do building.

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Thank you I needed that tbh. I’ve be worried for the past 2 hours wondering if I’d get banned or something if I didn’t resolve this.

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From personal experience, I had this same message sent out to my game even though we did not use datastores. I’m really not sure why they would send this to me when my game doesn’t have datastores so I’m assuming this is just some random stuff.

I’ve also received it for my other game, and I just removed it.

But anyways, if you would like to remove their data, I’d suggest using a datastore plugin to ease finding the player’s datastore. If you know in which datastore the data is being saved in, and what type of key you’re using, you can do this.

Either run that in command bar or a script on runtime. You wouldn’t need it anymore after running it just once unless you have more data to wipe.

Turst me though, this isn’t something you should worry about. If you are then you could always message Roblox support (hopefully they would be helpful).

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I’ll try that and thank you! I’ll let you know if anything works or happens.

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Do you know any plugins that I could use to find it?

This is the one I use. It costs robux.

  1. Just list the datastores.
  2. Enter the player’s key.
  3. Delete.
  4. Repeat if needed for other datastores.

Btw, if I were to purchase this, what would I do next?

These requests are for player data for a user that wishes to have all of their online presence on a platform erased. I believe that their account is deleted, and all data that Roblox has about them is deleted. They will never be able to visit your experience again. Roblox needs to inform developers that may have that users data to also delete the user’s data. I’ve never heard of Roblox banning or taking action against developers for this.

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Okay! Thanks again for your reassurance. I’ll try my best to fix the issue but if I can’t, I’ll try not to worry about it to much. c; Thank you again for just replying, I’m incredibly grateful since I really care about my wellbeing on the platform. And thanks to @uhi_o too!

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Okay guys, I just managed to get this when I wrote the same script in the console, I was able to find the datastore and fix it all with the help of @Maxi130TV.

Thank you guys again for your help it means a lot! Unfortunately, I already sent ROBLOX an email about the issue so I guess they’ll help me in the email for no reason. Thank you thank you! This means so much to me.