Decals appear slightly transparent when using Future Lighting

Reproduction Steps
When using Decals while testing in Studio and in-Game with Future Lighting selected they turn slightly Transparent.
It doesn’t happen while editing in Studio.
The Decal Transparency is set to 0.
— EDIT — The decal image I used is a .png file
This occurs with Decals placed on Transparent Parts and Opaque Parts.
This occurs 100% of the time for me.
When Lighting is switched to ShadowMap, Voxel, or Compatibility the Decal goes back to being Opaque.
When I tested in Studio and the Decal appeared slightly Transparent I selected it and looked at the Decal’s Transparency Property. It still displayed 0.
In this forum post from Nov. 2021 the same problem was found. It was posted to again 21 days ago with another user having the same issue. Decals being see through

Expected Behavior
I expect the decal to remain opaque no matter what lighting setting is used.

Actual Behavior
In all instances the Decal changes it’s Transparency visual appearance (not the Decal.Transparency.Value) when Future Lighting is selected.

In studio test mode with ShadowMap

In Studio test mode with Future

In game with Future

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-11-15 00:11:00 (-08:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2022-02-02 00:02:00 (-08:00)


Looks like AO being rendered over Decals.


Hello! Does this issue still occur to you?

Yes. This is in Studio Test mode. While editing in Studio the decals appear normal though.
Dunno if it helps, but the items behind the decal are MeshParts with no Texture applied, just Roblox Materials applied to them. The instrument cluster is a decal on a Transparent Part.


I just noticed this today, and found your post about it. So I wanna reply on it.

Yep, this issue is still here. It doesn’t bother me too much but still.

This may be a very hard thing to fix if the engine really does just draw ambient occlusion over everything in a post-processing kind of way, and not in a real-time physical way.

Any word on when we can get a fix for this?

This is a massive issue in “image roleplay” games and is preventing us from using Future.
Only seems to have an effect at graphics 8 or above, but it’s VERY apparent. It seems particles, ambient occlusion, and translucent meshes(?) all render above decals

Problem no longer exists when at graphics 7 or below or when not using Future

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This still happens today to me :confused:

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