Default animate script is behaving improperly

Sometime today the behavior of the default animate script has changed. For whatever reason, in certain places players will load with their character having “stiff” animations. Other people have experienced this for the first time today as well.

I have a game with the bug in new servers and another identical place uploaded elsewhere, but it has no animation problems. However, I have been able to reproduce this in a brand new empty baseplate.

Reproduction Link: Stiff Animations - Roblox

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open up a baseplate
  2. Enter play solo and walk around

What Might Be Causing It

Setting an attribute called RbxLegacyAnimationBlending on workspace does somewhat temporarily fix the problem, but that leads me to believe animation blending is a part of this bug.

I also believe this is a race condition because forking the Animate script to contain a task.wait(1) at the top also fixes the problem (or disabling and enabling the Animate script while testing). Another reason I believe it’s a race condition is because this bug does not always occur when a character spawns.

The only other cause I can think of is that a flag was turned on today which affects the animate script. Just by looking at the names, the only one that stands out from today is StreamSyncRequest.

Expected Behavior

I expect my character to be animated normally with any sort of stiffness or wackiness.

Actual Behavior

My character has stiffness when walking and wacky movements when jump and climbing.


Creating a boolean attribute set to true on Workspace called RbxLegacyAnimationBlending.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2023-02-13 14:50:00 (-07:00)


Thank you for your work in finding a workaround, I appreciate it greatly.

I’ve began to experience the same problem, but with R6. My character sometimes spawn in playing the “Falling down” animation, but it never returns back to normal, despite making absolutely 0 changes to the default animate script. I’ve experienced the “stiff” movement too when my character tries to run as well. I never experienced this before, as yesterday everything has been working fine.

Guess a broken roblox update?

FYI, all of the animations were working perfectly yesterday, I recently logged on today and experienced this wobbliness, no idea what caused it despite no code changes since yesterday night and today afternoon

I answered to this problem on another post which talked about the same thing.

Hopefully it gives some insight to engineers. Wishing all the luck for the fix.

We’ve made a configuration change in the last 10 minutes to attempt to address this.
Is the issue still present when you restart your client?

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A reply I sent to you in the other duplicate thread;

It seems I didn’t need to restart my Studio client either for the fix to apply.

Thanks again for the detailed feedback.

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