Default Shirt and Pants To Be Applied If The Requested Ones Are Unavailable/Moderated

Hey Developers,

A change will be turned on this Wednesday (11/6/2019) which will make it so that an unidentified, moderated, or otherwise bad shirt or pants asset id specified in a HumanoidDescription will result in the avatar getting a fallback default shirt and/or pants applied. This is when using the HumanoidDescription with Player:LoadCharacterWithHumanoidDescription() or Humanoid:ApplyDescription().


The Roblox Team


I’m surprised this hasn’t been done before. I had a shirt moderated before and I got so confused when my character was just shirtless in game, I thought it was still loading :stuck_out_tongue:


Default shirts and pants ? is it based according to the gender originally chosen when registered or it doesn’t matter at all ?

edit : yea, i assumed it was the default “character” clothes image


im pretty sure that this is an awesome feature so that people cannot use any moderated shirts in my game im so hype for that!:star_struck:


Im guessing they mean the clothing thats applied if you unequip the pants and shirts in the avatar editor and have the same skintone.



From what I am aware the fallback default clothing looks something like this, this is a really great update!



Grateful that it’s the ones that don’t take up much memory opposed to if they brought in the huge resource intensive clothing


I was wondering when this would be added and I was surprised it wasn’t already a thing; though I suppose it does raise a question of whether or not this is as easily bypassable (content deleted clothing/pending clothing) as it is by default.


I’ve loaded an old costume which has a moderated shirt on it, and I haven’t seen a difference yet, but I’ll update this if I do see something

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Is there any way to bypass this? One of my iconic outfits features a white head and everything else black, which isn’t exactly ‘suggestive’


Use transparent clothes, or black clothes. Either would work.


Hey Roblox Team,

Will this be implemented in Lua, or directly into the aforementioned functions? Furthermore, are games required to apply these fallback clothes at all times (even if it would make sense to not have them, such as if the character is wearing a morph of some sort)



One of my questions is Will it affect shirts that are pending? Or will there be a way to tell if it is pending or moderated?

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This is a great idea, it blocks inappropriate outfits via moderated assets.

But on the other hand, I generally believe that only “human” skin tones should have this implemented. As I have seen many people only use white, black, gray, red and other body colors to make outfits. Are other skin tones even considered inappropriate? Or are you the people who do want to dress in one skin tone need to purchase a solid colored shirt
Mind you that this market already exists, but by forcing default clothing onto Robloxians, you basically push those who want to customize their character to having to buy “transparent” shirts or solid colored shirts.

Considering once this update is passed, it will be new vs old, free vs paid.

Though I do believe that inappropriate outfits are created using “human” skin tones.

I truly cannot see any NSFW context from having neon colored skin.


Will this change make it so the default clothing is applied to “classic” avatars like the one in the attached imagePng


This is a great feature to minimize the amount of attention and awkwardness when your friends tell you that you have no clothing on lol

I think this update is being taken out of context.

This update does not say that it will apply clothing to characters who are not wearing any,

It is saying that characters that are wearing clothing that has been content deleted, that it will replace it with a default clothing item. Why? because loading deleted clothing will have the clothing just not appear, often deceiving people. May also be used to exploit nakedness? I don’t know.

It should not affect classic or ‘undressed’ characters at all.

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I think its nice you did something regarding the “weird naked” skin coloring, but kind of forces us to buy 1-colored pants for torso and legs so that we can use the classic looks. I get that some people are dressing somewhat inappropiate but, its all just blocks, no shapes of any kind. Please, if there is any way you guys could do this without breaking the old avatar looks, that would be great. If not, this is better than nothing I guess…

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this is literally doable without having to use moderated assets lol

Just in case anyone was still wondering if this would affect classic avatars, I am proud to say that it does not! :smiley: