Deformable snow, will get a bit deeper when you walk on it

The snow will actually get a bit deeper when you walk on it, and it’s running surprising well


@pnlmon_oth,This is something VERY good.
The default snow cannot do this.
Just a little bit feedback,Since normal snow you can’t really walk on top of it.
so (this is totally optional) you could make the snow Can collide to off.


Sorry but I am not really sure what you mean by that

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I think he means to make the characters’ legs clip through the snow


That looks a lot better!

Great job.


Wow that looks amazing! May I ask how you went about doing it, did you use raycasting and unions?

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It’s actually skinned mesh, union would take a lot longer to process


.Ohh that makes sense, thanks.

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That looks much better . Nice work !

Any tutorial you might drop on how to do such thing? I’m aware of skinned mesh but I can’t seem to grasp how subdiving a plane and then animating it would create this effect

Looks amazing, would be great for a horror game

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Wow I’m speechless- that looks so good :clap:! I was wondering if you could maybe create a tutorial on how to achieve this? I am sure a lot of people would be interested.

(Similar to what @unadmin12 said in a post above)

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Just as a bit of an head up is that this does not work in games yet, this is done by mesh deformation which still is a studio beta.

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Can I have a game link for this? This is really awesome!

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Wow, I saw this vid on YouTube and it looked very good… only one thing though… does the snow regenerate slowly?

This is really cool, nice job! What do you plan to use it for? (If you are going to use it for anything, that is.)

Well that’s a pity… :pensive:

(why is there a minimum to character count)

Oh wow, you have big brain and you have awesome Programming/Developing! :slight_smile:

This is amazing, but I feel like the snow indents a little too much. I think this is just up to personal preference though