Deprecating Comments for Marketplace Items

Almost every comment is “/e free” or “this is billy/bob”. I mean it’s nothing to worry about but putting these in read only would be useless. Imagine scrolling through tons of pages for someones review in the visual of a player. Nobody is going to do that. Even creators.

The history you may think and refer as has been already wiped by thousands to millions of pages.

This is actually a good change. I saw a lot of scams or spamming in the comments, and that’s not what they are there for.

I actually remember when Roblox would periodically have on its blog PSAs about Scammers, and Scams from other websites weren’t a problem until 2018 when an absolute tidal wave of bots flooded the site.

To be quite honest, I think the main issue actually lies within group walls. I have constantly had to remove spam users’ messages. I know that this has caused many groups to actually close their group wall. I think with better moderation and a more swifter response to these messages could be the solution.

For example: If a comment has multiple reports, that users commenting capabilities are halted until a further review is conducted by a member of the moderation team. A system like this would solve a lot of issues AND would allow free speech to continue to flow. Erasing the commenting system will also erase a lot of POSITIVITY and constructive criticism. I would like to see roblox take second look at other options (such as mine) rather than doubling down on total erasure of a feature that has been around for a long time.

For clarification, if a user is put on a commenting (halt) it will not penalize their account but would rather allow for the user to continue playing and enjoying roblox unless further action is needed.

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o7 to the wonderful joke-posts and people insulting children on ugc items.

In all seriousness, this is the best course of action. There’s too much spam. TOO MUCH. there was the occasional actual comment, but hey. this is the best for everyone imo

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The update that removed comments on games was ages old but now being a bit older I can understand that it was for the health of the site. I wonder if there will be a mini-outrage for this update as well.

On the DevForum, a handful of reports leads to something being hidden (but still possible to read), this sounds like a solution to look into for things like group comments or even forums if this site were to add them back. I feel like the ad revenue on forums could go crazy (I’d like to know whether ads “died” off after forums were removed, lol).

Replace moderation that you have to pay for, with moderation that is done by the community!

Removing the source of feedback, suggestions, and comments in general is not something I am happy with. If you’re going to remove comments, then there should be something to replace the feedback/ kind comments that were still being sent.

Any feature of old being removed is bad practice. The people praising this decision only accelerate Roblox’s corporatist user-unfriendly nature.

Get your priorities straight people. The comments sucked because of long-time negligence. Roblox has never been proactive in reducing malicious usage of its features. It’s always pure neglect followed by removal.

Had Roblox been proactive in properly filtering the comment section. It would still be a useful feature.


At least people will stop putting /e free in item comments, this “command” doesn’t really work

RIP me scrolling through swear bypasses and /emote free spam

I agree with the decision to make the comments read-only, but I disagree with the decision to remove comments outright. This feature first was released in 2007, many people have commented things on marketplace items back then, and if its their own marketplace item, they can see the comments that their younger selves have posted. This is similar like me, I joined in 2016, I made comments in 2016, and it is nice to see what I was saying and what I have said directed to my future self back then.

is anyone keeping track on how many things roblox has removed/ruined/discontinued since 2019?


Well, they only became a hub for spam because moderating them was not really happening. There is no way anyone, even the author of the comment, to delete. And I have seen spam comments from already deleted accounts that were still up.

If we allowed creators to curate comments on their own assets, and let commenters delete their own comments, I feel this change would not be necessary.

Rest In Peace

Marketplace comments


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You have to consider that many comments already made, include scamming, profanity bypassing, etc, if they want to keep them, they would need to moderate them even when people aren’t posting anymore, I’ve just seen someone making a HARD R chain in comments including explicit comments at the TOP of the comment section on an UGC item, that alone made me want to come here to this topic comment this.

listed all of them

It’s becoming increasingly rare to see roblox make a decision I agree with, but this was definitely needed.

The comment section on items are horrendous. If its not full of ‘/e free’, ‘t h i s i s a w e i r d g l i t c h’, ‘follow me/join my group’ and other copy pastas, then it’s full of people shitting on items for no reason other than the item being ‘furry’ or ‘emo’.
It’s very rare to see comments giving actual and constructive feedback on items.

So, as sad as it is to see the comments being removed, it’s a good thing because roblox doesn’t know how to moderate them.

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/e free
sad to see it gone but i get why but i still wish there was some alternative like a private feedback system or something

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doomsday, how am i gonna share my below mediocre opinions now…

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i think you should make it instead so that you have to actually own the item in order to comment (that way nobody spams /e free because they already own it)

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