Dev Products deducting Robux but not awarding players

Some players have faced an issue in my game where they claimed they got an error similar to the one below when purchasing dev products and it deducted robux from their account regardless
Ive seen this issue multiple times on dev forum and I’ve seen claims it was fixed. Any clue why this still happens?


Can you provide the code you use to process this dev product?

local function processReceipt(receiptInfo)
		local userId = receiptInfo.PlayerId
		local productId = receiptInfo.ProductId

		local player = Players:GetPlayerByUserId(userId)
		if player then
			local handler = ProductFunctions[productId]
			local success, result = pcall(handler, receiptInfo, player)
			if success then
				return Enum.ProductPurchaseDecision.PurchaseGranted
				warn("Failed to process receipt:", receiptInfo, result)
		warn("Failed to purchase")
		return Enum.ProductPurchaseDecision.NotProcessedYet
	MarketplaceService.ProcessReceipt = processReceipt

Is there a possible error when giving the “reward” after purchasing the dev products? Or even a possibility that you have more than one ProcessReceipt methods called?

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This is issue many people are experiencing roblox refuses to believe its an issue on their side. hopefully it stops happening soon!

I haven’t been experiencing this issue with my own game though. Weird.

How big is your game? Since this is quite a rare bug

Around 200-400 player average. We do get a lot of people purchasing in game dev products too.

I have a similar if not bigger ccu on a game and every now and then maybe once every 2 weeks we have an individual stating they did not receive anything. Now it has not happened in a while so it may he resolved. But im positive its a roblox issue since alot of large creators were complaining about the same issue the same time it started happening to me. There is no error usually it just doesn’t fire the reciept process. Its a very odd issue

Yeah it isnt easy manually refunding/giving players what they bought. Hope Roblox can look into this or tell me what Im doing wrong

Probably want to make this a bug report, i’m starting to get similar issues from my own players.

Its been made twice. roblox keeps brushing it off like theres no issue and marking the post as solved, even though people are actively saying they have the same issue in their games

How do I do that? It doesnt seem like I can make a bug report post

Can you please link the 2 bug reports you are referring to? I feel skeptical that they are outright ignoring the bug.

Since the post was already marked as resolved, you’d need to make another bug report in this case. I don’t believe the engineers would look at bug report topics marked as solved.

I cant though, is there some sort of requirement to post bug reports? It seems to be the case

Read this recent announcement on how to gain the ability to create bug reports: