Developer Products failing to go through but still taking Robux

Attempting to purchase a developer product has a chance for the purchase to not go through but still take Robux from the user. Happens non-consistently so its difficult to reproduce but a large majority of our user base has reported this issue. Would also like to state that this issue has apparently been happening for awhile, looking into our bug reports channel we’ve seen reports of this issue for quite some time.

Reported on Grand Piece Online: Game Link

Note that this issue has occurred before and resolved before here: Developer Products failing to go through but still taking Robux

Picture of the error message: (Note that Robux is taken, and the marketplace receipt callback is never called)

Clips of the issue occurring: (Some may have loud audio, these were submitted by players of our game)
Clip One
Streamable Link
UserID in clip: 857487227 (Profile Link)
DevProduct ID in clip: 1561376165 (“[ ASE DISCOUNT ] 1 MYTHICAL CHEST”)

Clip Two (i dont know the user for this one)
Medal Link

Clip Three (i dont know the user for this one)
Streamable Link

Expected behavior

Developer product purchases should go through if Robux is taken from the user.


This happens with Game Passes too. I made a bug report about it last year: Players fail to receive Pass in inventory after ROBUX transaction is completed

There is also a similar issue where Passes always fail for specific users. I’ve gotten many reports that people have not been able to purchase any passes from multiple different devices, but I cannot reproduce it on my desktop, phone, or studio. Passes failing to be purchased

It is frustrating because some people try multiple times on different days and are still getting the vague “something went wrong” error with no errors in the console.


Just to addon to this, I ran into this issue 2 days ago which took Robux from me but didn’t give the dev product due to this error


The team investigated this and determined our backend successfully handled the developer product transactions. We believe this to be an issue with your implementation of MarketplaceService.

@KizmoTek Based on your code, it appears your granting system defaults to marking the receipt as complete with several early exit conditions, so if there is a condition that is not taken into account, the transaction would still be marked as complete even though the granting never happens. This means the player’s Robux would be deducted but your script would not grant them any benefits.

It is worth noting that any Unresolved Purchases are not refunded, as documented here: ttps://

We suggest reviewing your code to ensure all triggered purchases are covered by your granting system.

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Hello, I’m getting reports of this from players in my game too and I would like to get more information about this. I thought this would also be fixed with the recent UGC purchase fix but it seems not.

I use developer products extensively even for pass-like purchases to allow gifting, and even if the receipt was not able to be processed, it gives that player a free token for their next purchase of the said product.

However, when this error occurs, nothing gets logged, and it never retries after rejoining, etc. It just does not seem to fire ProcessReceipt at all. It also couldn’t be datastores erroring as the datastore solution I’m using takes care of any delays or errors that may arise.

Game link
Reports of it happening from players;


Hey, this issue is still happening for us and we have confirmed it is not an issue on our end.

A user purchased a dev product and it failed on Roblox’s end but still charged them for it.
In this video you can see the first purchase work fine but the second one did not go through.

The user then checked their purchase logs and saw that it still charged them even though the prompt said “Your account has not been charged.”


Also getting this issue and almost positive this isn’t from me. I’ve been getting this issue for atleast over a year numerous times

Screenshot from player:

My logs:
(only the respawn purchase was received)

This purchase does appear on my end:

Purchase id: J79oTGhPFBMgwr2YDOEZ0A

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Hi im experiencing the same issue as everyone else on my game Motorush


I have multiple users reporting the same issue on our game Ultimate Football. Same as everyone else described, saying no robux were taken, but taking them anyway.

Unless this is a huge multi-game wide scam, Roblox seriously needs to look into this.


Have also had users reporting this on my game Canterbury & District Bus Simulator V4.1 today - they are shown the “Something went wrong” error message but have the Robux taken anyway.


Adding onto this, we even have received reports where Gamepass purchases fail for users causing them to get charged while not receiving the Gamepass.



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