Dev Products using TextBox

I was wondering if you can use a textbox string to create a dev product. For example, you want to donate 5 robux so the server creates a dev product that costs 5 robux and lets you buy it. I know its possible to use manually but is it possible to have it automatic through a script

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There is no API to create developer products on the fly.

You can make an external web server that logs into your Roblox account, makes a developer product of that price on the game, and returns the ID of that developer product to the game, but it may require too advanced knowledge and has security implications if not implemented correctly (since the web service would require your user + password combination to do its work, and could provide a third party the ability to spam your game with developer products if proper authorization isn’t performed)

I recommend just sticking with a few fixed price points instead. The effort needed to implement variable price points is not justifiable and there would be a larger delay before the purchase can go through.


This has actually been suggested as a feature before, it can be found here:


As others have stated, this is not possible at the moment.

I think variable price points could be more “confusing” to players and result in less buys. It’s much easier (and compatible with more platforms) to click a single button than it is to type in an amount.

You can get variable prices if you set up an intermediate currency. You can even display mixed in-game currency and Robux prices depending on how much of the in-game currency the player has and what dev. products you have to buy in-game currency. When the user tries to buy the item, you can prompt purchase of the relevant dev. products then award them the item automatically after giving igc, saving, then taking away igc for the item if the purchase succeeds. This is a much more flexible approach than setting up dev. products for every item if you have a lot of items. It’s also much more streamlined than having to visit separate pages to buy in-game currency, which takes players away from the items they actually want to buy.

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