Customizable Developer Products

As a Roblox developer, it can be difficult to properly cater to client needs.

With the current developer product system there is no way to customize the sum of Robux a user is to spend. If a user needs 200 currency, has 150 currency, and can’t afford to buy the 100 currency developer product because it is too costly, we lose that customer’s business.

With this stated, I’d like to propose my idea of how customizable developer products could be implemented.


MarketplaceService:PromptAmountProductPurchase(player, amount)



With a system like this in place, our user who needs 50 currency in order to reach the goal of 200, could purchase 50 currency.

The Issue with Customizable Developer Products

Along with customizable developer products, scamming customers would become far easier.
A customer who isn’t too keen when they’re confirming their purchase could think that they’re spending only 50 Robux, when in reality they’re spending 50,000.

As of now I haven’t been able to think of many solutions to this aside from making the amount of Robux being spent more prominent on the purchase prompt.


I think this is a good idea. Games like Phantom Forces had to use bots to create a product for every price value.
Games would need the following requirements:

  1. The games would need to be FE
  2. The games would need loadstring disabled

I was actually gonna make a similar post. I support this concept. :octopus:

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Where does the productId go?


I couldn’t express this better myself.

Thank you OP for this :pray:

Definitely support.

Please. I don’t want to prompt users with purchase packages to overbuy currency. I want them to buy just as much as they need. The only complication I can think of is rates ($/qty) which could be set by the developer as well.

If ROBLOX is capable of doing this, then I wholeheartedly support. This could serve a number of different purposes and I’d be willing to employ it at places in which I have products purchasable at.

  • Fulfilling remaining currency required to purchase x item
  • Choosing a certain amount to donate to the developer
  • Purchasing a product x times to get the items x times (i.e. 4 chances to queue a SongId)
  • etc

There is not nearly enough customization for developer products where lots of money could be made.

In my game, I have an enchantments buying feature. Each enchantment is 10 robux, and there is a different kind of enchantment for each item that exists in the game, which, there are over fifteen items. The extent of my customization – to avoid creating a new developer product for each item – is to save a variable when they prompt to buy a certain enchantment and wait for them to buy it. Even though this is, by definition, customizable, it’s not near the potential we could be reaching with customizability. Plus, it’s a means for Roblox to make more money (through more robux consumption), so I don’t see what can go wrong here.

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This has actually been suggested a few times before :smiley:


This should go in the Client Features (#feature-requests:client-features) category, since you are suggesting an addition to the API, which also affects live game servers.

Think of it like this: if it doesn’t just affect Studio, it should go in Client Features.

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Apart from that, please use the search functionality in the top-right of this page to look for similar threads before posting in feature requests / bug reports. See @jjwood1600’s post above, he was able to find those with a simple search!


Although you’re going to make less money in the long run (not forcing people to spend extra money on specific tiers to get a specific currency balance), this would still be very helpful and I definitely support +1


I have seen a similar thread to this by @InnPlaneSite
Custom Developer Products

This should be a Client Feature not a studio feature


Thanks @buildthomas and @InnPlaneSite, I fixed it and it’s now listed as a client feature. Much appreciated.


I think this was mentioned at RDC (if I read this right)

basically, say you want to buy ammo in-game, you could have 10 different tiers, or you could just have a slider, where the user inputs a price, and according to a formula gives you that much ammo (example: 2 robux is 10 ammo, so the player could buy 3 robux, or 754 robux worth of ammo)

with a max/minimum if desired. and in a perfect world, the user would know exactly what’s going on, how much they are spending, what they are getting, etc