Developer Product Icon is Scaled Wrong

I uploaded a devproduct onto my game and this is the icon I uploaded.

It’s 900x900, but when I see it in game, it seems to be scaled by half width.
I tried uploading the same icon twice even, the latter having the dimensions of not a perfect 1:1 ratio but you couldn’t detect it if you just eyed it.
Here’s what it looks in game.
- Br, iSyriux


Probably because image size is wrong. The right pixels are 420x420 pixels.

This doesnt go into Scripting help btw, It goes into art design support, i believe!

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900x900 has the same ratio as 420x420. Also, it doesn’t say anywhere in the devproduct maker that it has to be 420x420

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It may be because you uploaded it as a circle?

I just tried this with a 420x420 .png image and transparent BG and the image in the center still gets squashed the same way.

100 coins test


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I tried 128x128, as I thought maybe the unnecessarily large resolution causes the problem but that ended up squished the same way as the 420x420 one:
100 coins 128 test

And then scaled that same 128x128 to 192*128, (so the original image is stretched apart 1.5 times horizontally) and that ends up squished to proper dimension in the end:
100 coins 192x128 test

It is a solution, but could somebody from Roblox Support comment if this is how it should be done.
Thanks in advance!

I will try with a larger+horizontally 1.5x stretched version to see how that turns out.


384x256 image also looks good. Ends up square.
Is this really how these are to be made?

100 coins384x256 result

What’s strange is that Game Pass and Developer Product images appear in the same kind of window when the player is buying them, but Game Passes 512x512 are displayed properly while Developer Product images get squished horizontally.

Why is this?
Should I stick to square images with Developer Product images despite this problem and hope it gets fixed eventually?


This problem needs to be moved to website/engine bugs.
Not a whole lot of people know about this bug! I’m probably the first person to discover it because this is the first post on the devforum about it!

I already made my images for Developer Products, in a horizontally stretched way so they squish together to look perfectly square in the end.
Please don’t fix! …just kidding.

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The same happened to me yesterday, I have no clue why does this even occur.